Hu Jintao tells China navy: Prepare for warfare

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Lurchio, Dec 7, 2011.

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  1. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Thanks for the heads up. This may of course just be a pep talk but the S China Sea is the area I keep saying we should keep an eye on, particularly because of Australia's and our Defence ties to the area.
  2. .

    What do people expect ?

    The Chinese have been quiet militarily concentrating on economics. HOWEVER, the US in search of some justification for its vast defence spending has been rattling sabres at imaginary Chinese possible threats and making ridiculously overblown claims of possible threats.

    At present China isn't really even a regionally dominant force - it is really just a coastal force.

    NOW, China is a real threat to Taiwan, no doubt about it. But for the US to claim that it needs vast resources to counter an imaginery future threat is just ridiculous. The more the US talks up the threat and defines its military as an anti-Chinese force then the more China itself feels threatened. Shades of WW1.

  3. HMSIndefensible.jpg We'll be ready for them :biggrin:
  4. Wait, the chinese can build 5-6 more in just ten years. Obvious laugh is obvious.

    And was that a goalkeeper I saw? how much modern tech do they have?
  5. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    I can't see any reason why China should have any need to go to war, at the present rate they will soon own everythhing worth owning.
  6. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Obama was just in OZ, The Yanks are developing a base in Darwin, the Ozzies are upping their military spending as well.

    God knows why, China owns both of them.

    Oh..... NZ bought a couple of helos.... that'll scare 'em off.
  7. That is what the idiots in the US have been saying for over two decades to try to "imagine" an enemy to justify their defence spending excesses.

    The Chinese would need to build one or two prototypes and learn how to use them, whilst developing suitable aircraft.

    AND, what would the US be doing whilst this happened over 15+ years ???

    It is a mere mirage.

    YES, the US needs to keep an eye open, and it needs to keep its technology ahead and keep its manufacturing base - BUT it should not rattle the sabres so much as to make it a self-fullfilling prophesy.

    Taiwan is the one area which REALLY is a cause for concern, but there are more ways of controlling the situation other than causing a major war by being idiotic.

  8. To be honest, the way China is progressing - ideologically and "democratically" (yes, that's what I said) the "distance" between Taiwan and Mainland China will be measurable only in miles not politics before many more generations have come into being.

    Look at Hong Kong and Guangzhou nowadays - it is hard to slide a piece of fag paper between them and as more mainlanders reach the hugely wealthy status (and flaunt it) the old brigade is going to become steadily more obsolete and indefensible.

    In my opinion the biggest threat from China is that they are going to choke us all with the fumes from their factories and coal-fired power stations.
  9. We would never do owt like that would we ?. Yes there are still quite a lot of Chinese folk living in poverty but they are striving to make things better for their people coming on in leaps and bounds in the last 20 years. They are now enjoying material things we in the west have taken for granted since way back. Good luck to them, it's their turn now.
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  10. Wot he said.

    York would be a proverbial desert if it wasn't for the Chinese (and Japanese). Can't walk round town now without getting mown down by them, and don't even mention the no 4 bus!

  11. Ah the No 4 bus, is that the Acomb one?
  12. cept brummies of course
  13. Don't get me wrong, I am very happy to see them enjoying "material things" - if only that enlightenment was extended to North Korea, Zimbabwe, Pakistan, Iran, Bolton and other places of abject poverty, suppression and deprivation. The trouble is that they are also going to enjoy the less attractive aspects of their version of the industrial revolution - cancer, bronchitis, lung and heart disease, diabetes etc and it would be nice to think that we (the human race) could learn from other people's mistakes as well as from our own.

    Ah well, I can but dream.
  14. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Didn't the Chinese buy a carrier from the Russians? Sure I saw that somewhere, hardly makes them coastal if they have. The chinkys are propping up the world with their spending at the moment, long may it continue. If they are also going to be the new bad guy for the next few years then all the shipyards, arms manufacturers, soldiers and sailors should say a big thank you for keeping them in a job.

    The 'West' needs a bad guy so they can be the good guy and spend lots on defence.
  15. I agree with you but I actually don't see anything (necessarily) threatening about the Chinese developing an aircraft carrier capability. They are IMHO not much different to the US, UK or France in that respect.

    China is no longer an inward looking nation intent on defending a way of life pretty alien to much of the rest of the world. They have a huge investment in countries worldwide (Europe, Americas, Africa, Middle East and Asia) with a massive and growing demand for raw materials and resources to feed their growth - does this remind you of colonial Britain perhaps?

    They have just as much need to protect their investments many thousands of miles from the Chinese mainland as the UK does or the US or any other former colonial power with "interests abroad" and developing carrier capability is not necessarily an indication of offensive ambition - just long reach defensive capability.

    Time will tell but we need to stop seeing everything that former "enemies" do through our own telescope and start trying to view it from their side.
  16. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    I dont see the Chinese as the bad guys.

    Not saying they're angels but from where I'm sitting they're not causing me concern. Yes, they have the hump with Tiawan but that's no so much of a problem now they are export/inport giants and are movers and shakers on the world markets. I'm actually fasinated how they manage to merge the communist/capitalist stuff. It doesn't normally work, I know they're not to PC with the population so they way I see it they'll be dealing with internal strife long before giving out external strife.
  17. One of the things the West (and particularly the US) "forget" is the way the US interfered in the Chinese civil war and made Formosa (as was) a separate state, and that Formosa/Taiwan was a military dictatorship for decades. Having said that it is only a few years since the Chinese "accidentally" dropped some shells on a Taiwanese island. The threat is still there.

    The greatest threat to the gradual development of democracy is if the world's economy implodes and the Chinese boom goes bang.

    Unfortunately, probably the best way of the US and China coming together is over the screwing of the world's climate - they are natural allies there.


    On other items ;

    The ex-Soviet carrier was one of their small, shortish flight-deck ones which didn't have catapults. They have been refitting it for over a decade but there are, after many false claims, supposedly signs that it may soon be coming out for trials ?????

    Re. China's external relations, this is an area where, as implied, they are taking a very different route in as much as they are buying up land abroad to grow food and making long term mineral deals. They are taking a very long-term view which some (hypocritically if from the "west") find of dubious moral worth.

  18. The 'Inscrutable':


    13 Aug 2011 There’s been much speculation about the implications of China’s first aircraft carrier. The Diplomat answers some of the key questions.

    The Diplomat
  19. The Number 17 with a side order of 45

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