HS2, does the UK need it?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by REDMIST, Jan 28, 2013.

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  1. Complete waste of dosh, only takes 1hr 56 mins on the Virgin fast train at present to Manchester and 1hr 30 mins to Crewe!!!!
  2. Concur.......
  3. Mr Hudson, Victorian railway pioneer and part time financial fiddler, must be turning in his grave.
    Twenty years/£33bn for 200 miles ??? Thats proper urine extraction.
  4. Thats 33bil now, in 20yrs it will be a lot more
  5. Heard on lunchtime news that the SNP are demanding to know what plans the UK Government have to include Scotland in the planning for the high speed railway to connect to London and the south. Surely if the SNP have their way, there won't be a UK after next year.
  6. Was just about to post the same thing
  7. There has to more urgent things to spend that kinda money on. Getting the roads back in order would be one.

    (Frightened to say buy a couple of F35's!!!!!!)

    If industry wants to join the north to the south quickly for trade then let the private sector fund it!
  8. Yeah, but that's from Stafford right Scouse?!

    Only kidding. The whole HS rail thing is a f8cking travesty - at best it takes twenty minutes off a journey between London and Birmingham. No problem with having a good rail system, but only as we can afford it. All this PR nonsense selling it as an economic game changer is just pure hoop.

    Having said that, if it were coming out of entitlement budgets then fair enough, but you just know it's going to be at the expense of capital budgets (aka defence).
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  9. All part of an EU plan for an interconnected high speed train service. Dave hasn't got a say in this, it will go ahead as Brussels have dictated so.
  10. Confused!

    The piece of news I saw said a new terminal or 'hub' as they called it was being built around Acton, NW London. So if the Euro HST stops at Paddington, is the new 'Hub' going to be connected?
  11. Going to buck the trend here and say yes we WILL need it. But we dont need it just now. Why not get a cross party agreement to fund the building in stages subject to future requirement. The Flightpaths over London are already chokka with International flights. I'm sure that a cut in domestic flights with passangers opting for the train will be quite welcome. Also, the oil aint gonna last forever, at some point train travel will be the cheapest way to travel.
  12. When it gets nationalised again.
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  13. 20 Years time, a lot of us will be that interested then, if at all .
  14. I have read recently on the West Coast mainline that Virgin can't fill all the seats during the daytime now.This is attributed to the cost of tickets.On this puper dooper HS scheme it is confidently forecast that ticket prices will be significantly higher.After all the money has been spent who is going to finance the shortfall between running costs and ticket receipts? The same people who are doing it today on other supposedly privatised lines.The poor bloody taxpayer!
  15. Have a gander at this Linky
  16. You all seem to be missing the fact that however much it costs it's creating a load of jobs and the current rail network is aged and nearing capacity.

    People drip about public transport, then drip when it gets a much needed update.
  17. Indeed, passenger numbers increase year on year.
  18. Yep.

    All that's being proposed is to bring our ancient railway system into line with everyone else's. Ever been on a French train? They piss all over what we have here.

    Living very close to the West Coast Mainline, I stand to benefit greatly from this, one day it will be possible for my children to do a daily commute to Manchester with little fuss. Clearly this opens up massive scope and a wider range of jobs for more people.

    Although having said that, if we hope to have what the Frogs have now in 20 odd years, they will have updated their's too by then and will still be pissing all over us.

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