Damn good effort by the Aussies AP, its just a shame they kept it quiet or our bunch of mongs might've learnt something from it, like how to defend themselves! :)
'Twas discussed last week (briefly) on another thread. BZ to the Aussies say I, but a pity that our grownups didn't take it to heart and make it part of the training. Pictures of Arfur and his ipod, backed up by his seamum, f***ing off a couple of Iranian gunboats would have made much better television than the subsequent fiasco!

Ninja_Stoker said:
Oooh, hate to nick SF's role in being a pedant, but it was 3 years ago.

iPods were not invented then- completely different ball-game.
I'll join you in the pedants' corner then Ninj. Didn't say ipods were in existance three years ago - just that Arfur etc., would have made a better TV picture had they had the Aussies' example to follow.



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aussiepint said:
Sorry gang but sombody was bound to post this...

Have said 'civiefemalewithnosenseofhumour' hard hat at the ready!

It was posted - but this is the version I saw first, contains some minor details ie the date, that the Beeb managed to omit....

You can always rely on the Dinks for some colourful language. Had to explain to our exchange Aussie TASO that putting a sign over his cabin door saying 'Arbeit Macht Frei' prior to it being used by a German FOSTIE was not such a good idea......
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