War Hero
Seen nothing on the site about World Cup cricket but perhaps the wounds are yet to heal after the recent test whitewash. I say that without any joy as despite living in Oz I enjoy a game of cricket regardless of the winner as long as the game is played fairly.
With the World Cup I predict an early return to UK for the English team and for the final I predict Oz and South Africa with the latter the winners. The Australian team has lost a few stars recently and this must affect the standard of play.
Rather silly having some of the teams there but no doubt the numbers must be made up.But where are our American cousins who would no doubt glue the bails on with chewing gum. Imagine it with the sledging, You MFing SOAB and limey CSucker.

:grin: :grin: :grin:
I think most of us lead more exciting lives than spectating at cricket matcheshence little comment. For example I am rushing home today to watch them resurfacemy road, now that is exciting.

Aus and SA aught to get through their group stage, they only have Scotland and the Netherlands to beat, aught to be within both their capabilities.


War Hero
They both should get thru Maxi. I'm still getting over size of Bermuda player personally?? Thought was watching darts at one point ;)
England V New zealand just about to start.......come on England!!!!! stuff the sheep shaggers so I can have bragging rights over bootie :twisted:
I cant stand this any longer, I am declaring a make a mend for myself so I can go down the Pub and support our lads with full voice and lashings of Lager.....and if we lose I'll be shedded so wont care if Bootie takes the p1ss.

Anyone else coming?


Lantern Swinger
Would love to, but I'm on the sick at the mo and unable to leave the house! Nevermind, I'll have to stay in and keep my BP up watching this rather loose performance.
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