Hows this for moral and retention?

Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by F.T.D, Nov 23, 2006.

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  1. i recieved a phone call last night asking if i sould fill a billet that was available at short notice said yes but would have to check with work today (a.m) and confirm today was told fine go ahead the billet is your's. After spending an hour begging workmates to cover shifts xmas day etc and clearing it with boss i was then told sorry the billet is now filled. So i now look a complete C__T the rnr looks like the B.B and all good will towards my training and getting time off for training other than my annual leave is out the window. Fortunately this is only the 3rd time something like this has happend so can't realy drip :(
  2. If you're looking for sympathy you'll find it in the dictionary somewhere between shit and syphilis.

    Seriously though, it's a complete piss take when stuff like this happens. I once lost loads of work (self employed) 'cos of being messed around like this.
  3. I keep reading about cancelled training at short notice and this sort of thing on the RNR threads on RR. It begs the question does it really come down to simply a shortage of money or more to mismanagement, and if so by whom (generally)? Do naval staff undertaking admin work receive any professional training for the work they are doing or is it simply assumed that they will pick it up. If the latter then it appears as if they are picking up bad habits, and what is needed is a mentoring scheme starting at the top!

    I'm not RNR so you can ignore this if you want.

  4. Unfortunalty for you. Some full time staff fail to realise that we have to sort out many things in our own lives before committing to training. I guess they just think sometimes that we sit around on our armchairs waiting to be offered something and then we should be grateful for it and not them grateful for us agreeing to it.

    Personally, I never take anything for granted until I am there and the training has started. Luckily, I have at the moment an understanding employer and even though I am due to be going away very shortly, I still have not been able to give my employer definitive dates.
  5. Unfortunately training will be cancelled at short notice sometimes for genuine operational reasons and that I think comes with the job.

    However, bumping people off courses and other very flimsy reasons for short notice cancellations needs to be looked at and eradicated.

    Part of the problem is, I believe, the fact that many of the people who do the cancelling have never worked for private sector companies or even outside of a uniformed MOD job and really don't seem to understand the employer/employee relationship where job security is far less than in the AF
  6. I do some times wonder myself. Part of the CLM drive is to install a bit more of a "Naval Ethos" into the RNR. Well it could work both ways. Some of the admin we have to put up with would not last five minutes in Civvy Street.
  7. Part of the fun of the RNR

    They think that when they say jump we can just do wht they want.

    We are reserve and we have a proper job to do 1st then we try and fit in the navy when we can

    one day we may have someone who understands......
  8. sometimes this will happen- HOWEVER the RN has an obligation to take you and give you, some relevant work and/or training , if only a moral one.
    heres a thought , if 10 RNR bods were turning up at Nelson every Monday morning to be employed, as they had been seen off, would this state of affairs continue ?
    it is only tolerated because no one outside the civvy employer/employee loop knows the problems it creates.
  9. Unfortunately what is a simple problem it has complex causes.

    If as I suspect FTD was hoping to have Christmas in HK then they were desperate to fill the billets, asked all units and so it is then first come first served.

    Course cancellations occur due to "platform unavailablility" the ship aint there any more and last minute cancellations. Cancellation are often caused by block booking courses by possible attendees (cos there is a 6 month wait on courses like BSSC) who then find they cant attend.

    I guess the answer is not be be that flexible with the RNR, put yourself down for things when it is possible and expect to be mucked around.
  10. Although you may expect to be mucked around, I think the point is that you shouldn't be mucked around! You certainly could not run a profitable business the way the RNR is run!
  11. Perhaps when we are offered these type of billets at short notice, we should say yes to it straight away and then go to our employers to try and get time off to do it. It works for me.
  12. If it were the other way round and we cancelled at no notice, doubtless we'd be hauled in for a rollocking. Nice to see the system is as unfair as usual!
  13. Unfortunately it wasn't hk but i was told the billet was mine then it was filled with someone else guess i was a fool for believing someones word counted for something :lol:
  14. Unfortunately it wasn't hk but i was told the billet was mine then it was filled with someone else guess i was a fool for believing someones word counted for something :lol:
    Now im repeating myself arghh!!!
  15. I agree with most of the above. I need a BSSC to join a ship in Dec 06 but have been told NO CHANCE - all booked up! I know for a fact (I know someone in the school) that the last six courses have had cancellations and the courses have run short. I even told the school that if they have a no show on the first morning I could be there in just over an hour, I'll give you one guess what the answer was NOOOOOOOOOOH!!!!

    As somebody said, lots of courses are block booked and all places taken up even when the person(s) booking them know full well that not everybody will turn up. Surely the powers that be could have a rule where attendance at a course needs to be confirmed at least one week before hand. Then, if people can make it, others might get a chance instead of them missing out and courses running short. Some sort of reserve list is required, or is that me being to logical????
  16. With due respect Phil thats bollocks. They cant book courses without names and service numbers. Do you think they just phone up and request 10 BSSC billets. Do me a favour.

    Or do you have some inside info that you'd like to share???
  17. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    I think you'll find that certain RN establishments can block book BSSC, e.g. C'wood or Sultan for their Part 2 trainees.
  19. Roger you'r talkin p--h i was asked to fill billet as someone pulled out not me looking for training at short notice. :?
  20. communication is the key. thats where we fall down. but ask yourself this, would you have been so keen to fill a gap billet on Neptune Warrior, in the Minches, in December. i wouldn't have. but throw in some bronzey and dingdangdo ! :wink:

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