How's phase 1 going?


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Saw a couple of the guys said that most people were doing fine. Couple went down after the first night in the field cause it was too cold, hehe. But thats about it.



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alrite guys. the course was great, had good time, bit of an eyeopener in some respects i.e. bottom field.

am i ok to post the pass numbers etc? not breachin op/persec? no names obv.
alrite halford. you guys get home ok yesterday? yeah bottom field was hellish lol the phrase "will the nightmare ever end" came to mind :lol: but overall the course was great. we got a massive laugh out of that instructor. Im sure you know which one I'm on about :lol:


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yeh he was a leg-end. "last one to the command module is a big homosexual" classic.

you know the video that colours J filmed of the endurance course? when you get a copy of it (and if he takes ages about it please please please keep asking him to do it) could you send it to me for the Mersey lads, i cant wait to see it.

i take it you didnt die of bordom on your mega drive home then? ours wasnt too bad, slept most of the way with my new wooly hat on!
The next time i'll see him will be the first phase 2 weekend so I'll ask him then. You don't happen to have any pictures of the scots lads just after we all got out CC's?


Can you give a day by day account (not massive just so I know what happens each day!).

I dont understand why it takes 2 weeks just as a confirmation? Surely you could do that in one week? Or do you learn new things too? Did you have to do a confirmation weekend before hand?


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lol, buckshee indeed. good to see you on RumRation lofty.

carl, eachof the RMR Units runs it own confirmation weekend 2 weeks prior to the phase one course. this is supposed to ensure that only those capable of passing the course, although it appears every RMR unit has its own differing stndards.

cours includes:

week one: practice exercise, test exercise, BFT, BST, 2 sessions on the bottom field, revision sessions, endurance course, anome revision lessons.

week two: 1 bottom field session, weapon handling revision, WHT, then several days on the ranges to pass the APWT.

lots of other bits and bobs, but thats the meat of it.