howdy all


Evening all!

I applied to enter the Royal Navy last September [as an CSM] and failed the entry exam by 14 marks. I’m not sure if I failed the test itself by 14 marks or if I failed to reach the CSM pass mark by 14 [but I’ve been told that the pass mark for CSM is very high so I‘m inclined to think I failed to reach the pass mark to be CSM.]

One year on I’ve decided to give it another shot and I’ve got a few books out of the Library to study. My knowledge of Mechinal Comprehension is bad, well pathetic if I’m honest. Can anyone recommend any books on the subject?

I’ve got one [its a special book on entry into the armed forces] and according to it I got 100 out of a possible 130 on the Mechinal Comprehension bit. Strange I know but the book is nothing like the test paper was.

Any advice you all can give would be greatly appreciated...

Thanks in advance.