Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by donkey_boy, Feb 15, 2007.

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  1. hi everyone,

    I'm currently in my third and final year at uni and have very little idea about what i'm going to do after it, and my gap year in '08. Joining the navy is something I've been looking into a lot recently and this site has been really good, so I thought I'd stop lurking and say hi.

    I also have a couple of questions; Does anyone have any more information/advice on CIS Specialist, other than thats on the offical Royal Navy site. It's the trade I'm most interested in. Also, how qucikly would you usually move up the ranks as a rating. How many years would it take normally to reach Chief Petty Officer?

  2. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    hello mate, I'm sure one of them matelot types will answer your question pretty soon, welcome to RR.
  3. Welcome aboard. Can't really help with your specific enquiry about the CIS branch, although generally you are looking at 12-15 years to get to chief (with wide variations depending on how ambitious you are and the branch/trade you are in) but I do have a question for you. If you have spent all that time at Uni, why are you considering joining up as a rating? Nothing wrong with being a rating, but with a Uni qualification (I take it you are doing a degree of some sort) you would probably find going through for officer a better prospect. If you are determined to see life from the lower deck, It might be a good idea to join up as a rating and after a few years see about taking classes to go through for officer. Some of the best officers I have worked for are ex ratings who know what it is like at the sharp end and don't join in with the "great ideas club". My ex was educated to degree standard and she spent 6 years as a Junior Rate but left the mob in the end as it wasn't challenging her enough mentally - if you have a decent education...use it!
  4. What subject is your degree in?
    Perhaps you may receive better advice when your qualifications are known.
  5. thanks for the advice everyone.

    My degree is Media and Radio Production, I decided to do it out of interest rather than a strong career choice! I was aware that I could be 'over qualified' but I'm not keen on joining straight up as an Officer as I don't think I have the necessary leadership qualities, but the idea of trying to move up after a few years as a rating does sound interesting.
  6. How refreshing to hear someone heading for a degree who doesn't feel it's a 'right' to be an officer and that they actually want a *career* as a rating. Good for you mate!

    Never would have put 'media' and 'over-qualified' in the same sentence though!! :p Sorry, couldn't resist. I don't mean it really. Best of luck with your studies and with the RN if you follow this up.
  7. Before you ditch the idea of being an officer, remember that Young Officer training will develop leadership ability. To be honest thouh, I reckon that, on a daily basis, you probably need just as good (if not better) leadership skills as a Senior Rate.
    You might find that, if you join as a Rating with a degree, the first couple of years could be a bit boring. Why not apply for the AIB? That way you can let the Navy decide whether you've got leadership potential.
  8. haha, I've heard it all before mate! :lol:

    cheers the input Scabz, I've had quick look about AIB and it sounds like a good idea for someone like me who isn't quite sure.

    would still be gratefull if anyone had any more info on CIS specialist trade...


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