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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Liam_, Jan 22, 2010.

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  1. I downloaded the Navy recruitment programme

    Now, I can't find it anywhere on my laptop?!

    I've tried to sign in via the website and it says the username and pass is wrong, when I know it's not - I've tried 3 times now.

    Does anyone who has it, know what file it would be in?

  2. I have it, saved to my desk top.... I logged in ok with username & password.

    Do you still have the initial emais they sent you? If you do try downloading it again.
  3. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Whilst it's entirely the choice of the individual, having had a good look at these How2 'aids', my personal opinion is that they are generic guides, largely irrelevant to the specific job, very out of date,, plaigarised from the official publications & digital media available for Free from an AFCO or from the RN website.

    In short, they're crap.
  4. I also ordered 11+ papers to look at, these were mentioned in previous posts you made.

    The how2 info in essence will be of no use when sitting the RT test then?
  5. I got the navy officer how2 dvd...waste of money...the only thing it was slightly useful in was examples of multi choice questions for the knowledge tests at AIB, as it gave me some idea of what to expect...other than that, there was nothing there the ACLO or AFCO hadn't told me already or given me information on. For the RT, I would suggest a GCSE maths and science guide.
  6. I used the "how2become" thingy only to help me prepare for the RT test and interview and I think it helped me a lot especially preparing for the interview. I probably would have failed my interview if it hadn't been for this.

    It's good value for money anyway!
  7. Can you get how to become a rapist or how to become a porn star ? , if so it could be money well spent, cause at the moment im pretty plums at the whole sex game.
  8. He could have made that video after 5 minutes on RR.

    - Why do you want to join the RN?

    - "I've wanted to join the RN for a number of years now and I feel that i've now reached a part of my life where i'm ready to join the service"

    How not to actually answer the question!

    Just generic. obvious crap - get down to the AFCO and read the literature available and you'll be fine.
  9. exactly what ninja said all they have done is read leaflets that you get for free from the afco and read them out to you.
  10. Agree. fault they where good until i done the test the first time. 11+ Are a good thing to get, there abit harder then the test ( My opinion ) but it gets you in the right way of thinking and overall just good to practice from.
  11. You know that is the test that little kids take when they leave primary school don't you? :roll:
  12. I ordered the 11+ from amazon & just come back from lib and got some books regarding psychometric tests..... they should help.
  13. Jesus fcuk you're thick, go and hang yourself immediately before you accidentally pollute the gene pool.
  14. cirlcle the right answer.


    a.17 b.20 c.19 d.18

    not rocket science. :roll:
  15. I dunt get itt. How duz the rockit werk?!
  16. just remember the sooner you fall behind, the more time you'll have to catch up :wink:
  17. To be honest, I got it because I wanted some more mechanical comprehension questions, I can't seem to find any more, anywhere? I'm assuming the ones on how2become are similar to whats in the test?

    Gutted that there was only 10 on there, but 10's better than 0 I guess

    I basically spent £12.89 for 10 questions

    £1.28 a question

    EPIC FAIL on my behalf
  18. Legend

    Nice one mate

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