How2Become course and workbook usefulness??

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by eallan, Oct 26, 2010.

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  1. Hello all,

    Got my SIFT interview to be a Warfare Officer in the Submarines coming up in November but picked up a workbook for the PlanEx at AIB just to start work in advance (it was made by How2Become). It seems really good but it also advertises a one day course in Kent to help prepare for AIB. Just wondering if anyone has been on this course (or used the workbook) and can advise on going on it or not. It only costs £99 but I live in Glasgow and Kent is a fair trek for something that might be rubbish..

    Hope you can help!

  2. The how2become cd etc is a waste of money, There is nothing on it that you cannot find either on here or on the RN website... I can't say anything for the one day course though.

    But yeah, don't waste your money on the CD , just collate your own info :)
  3. Yeah I didn't bother with the CD but a lot of the Planning Exercises in this book ("Group Planning and SDT Workbook" for what it's worth) seem chuffing much info! So I guess they must be quite useful for AIB
  4. The Joining the RN book was quite useful for Interview stuff etc but I didnt see point in the CD and I wouldnt bother with the course. Just seems like a money maker. Book aint bad though
  5. My thoughts exactly.

    After looking through one of the Exercises it just seems like a test to see how you cope with pressure more than anything else. Doable but definitely tough and stressful
  6. Ninja Stoker will be along shortly with, no doubt, pithy* reviews of both book and course.
    Wait, wait out.

    *I seem to have developed a nasty lisp. :wink:
  7. :laughing6:
  8. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Yeth, me altho.

    The How2.. series basically exploits those who wish to pay for information already freely available from your AFCO & indeed the public domain. In many cases it's simply generic advice.

    With regard the 'AIB course' the claimed success rate is utter nonsense & is neither endorsed nor recommended by the service. If it were deemed necessary, the service would provide it free of charge.
  9. I see what you mean but my line of thought is that doing something like that, even if it increases your chances at AIB by 1% is surely worth it?
  10. Clutching at staws mate, do your own research, read into subjects and gain your own understanding... you will fair better at the AIB with that approach and wont be found wanting because you can only quote a headline without knowledge of the story beneath.

    Already said, but the guidance is out there for the conduct, content and process, just read that and if you think you have any questions then post them on here.. darn sight cheaper to get answer or leg pull on here.. although if you wish to pay me a few quid for "help" I am sure I could oblige... :lol:
  11. Got the book on BOGOF at WH Smiths last year. It was the free book when I bought a Maths GCSE Revision book for the maths bit of the RT.

    Otherwise I wouldnt have bothered. RR is not only a great source of info......but its fecking funny too :)
  12. To be honest, when you look at the posts written by all the Officer candidates who have passed through Rum Ration on their way to BRNC, there seems to be barely any mention of these products having been the key to their success. Much of their progress seems to come from dedicated research using a variety of sources and especially from their own internal initiatives and motivation, aided and abetted by the odd tip from Rum Rationers, of course.

    I can't help feeling that, in a strange way, a candidate is more likely to be successful at AIB if they have prepared themselves under their own steam rather than have a pre-prepared package presented to them, if only because this willingness to show initiative and be responsible for their own success suggests the possession of qualities which would be found desirable in any Officer candidate.
  13. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator


    Get me my shotgun.

    Top tip for your essay at AIB, avoid made up compound words and '2' in place of 'to' and 'too'. Likewise 4 for 'for'. '@' isn't a word. Okay m8? Not your fault, I'm pouring scorn on an outfit that claims to be able to guide you through the AIB but chucks superfluous apostrophes and txt spk into its brand name and advertising.

    Alas the Service is guilty of trying2btrendy2 and shite that would lift the safeties of schoolies of yesteryear and Chiefs of Staff even now is making an unwelcome (to people like me) official appearance. Those who mark AIB essays are people like me (but not me).

    Planning exercise top tip. Listen to the scenario carefully and remember it.

    Edited for mad smelling.......the shame.
  14. My bold. I suspect you have hit the nail on the head there as retention of information is always going to be higher if you have done the revision and research work yourself rather than simply reading it in a book.
  15. I think with concerted long term effort and research, a lot of dots get joined up as it were, which can't happen on a short 8 hour course.

    Personal example is how over the past few weeks, I seem to be making links between capabilities and deployments (eg the MSaC on the *sniff* Ark Royal and Invincible Class).
    It's obvious when you're reading it, but it doesn't sink in until a good few repetitions later.
  16. Cheers for the advice guys. You've saved me a hundred quid and - even better - saved me a trip to Kent!
  17. Kent....brrr
  18. Time under bar mate.
    Team sports, reading and socialising. Takes longer, but produces better results.

    That said, I've not passed my AIB so take whatever I say with a pinch of salt until proven othewise ;)
  19. i wasted my money buying that cd and as other people have said you can gather better infomation on here.

    plus the guy on the cd just reminds me of a classic salesman ... wouldnt trust him as far as i could throw him.
  20. Hi everyone, i'm the chap who runs how2become and is the author of the books etc. I've been reading with interest some of the comments on this thread and in particular Ninja Stokers.

    I totally respect your views about my products and we are all entitled to own views but i feel they are a little bit harsh. I have served in the RN and do genuinely try my hardest to provide information, tests and courses that will help people to be better prepared. I don't always get it right, but the intention is certainly there.

    I'd be prepared to allow someone to come on my AIB course free of charge, so that you can see what i am offering. I'm not after any endorsement or recommendation, but I wouldn't mind the chance to demonstrate that my products and courses are not as poor as some people think.

    After the RN i served 17 years in the Fire Brigade as an Officer and was heavily involved in Recruitment and Training. I do have a recruitment background.

    I'd also be prepared to send 10 people from this forum a copy of my Armed Forces Testing book free of charge, again so that you can see i'm trying to offer good/genuine products.

    If Ninja Stoker wants to e-mail me at [email protected] with a list of 10 people and their addresses, I will then send them a book free of charge. Like I say, total respect for everyone's views, but would like the chance to show you that i am genuine in my efforts.

    Thanks for reading and good luck everyone
    Richard McMunn

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