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I have my test next month and as its been a while since my school days I'm just wondering if its worth investing in the How2Become guide, seems to be divided opinion among some of the guys on here in the RN forum.


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practice, practice and if at first you don't succeed pull your four skin over you head, no no no give up? No , that's it carry on regardless and try again,practice may not make you perfect but gives you a chance and much better than sod all, just remember with phyco test, answer truthfully as there are check question within the test.
good luck.


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standard exam tech if all questions equal, divide questions by time that will give you max time for each question, if different point per question divide number of points available by time, this will again give you time per question On point value.
also the 80 / 20 rule on a 10 point question taking 10 mins you will get 8 marks in 2 mins. Learn to run against the clock, be ruthless, go back with extra time to pick up extra points,
good luck

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My son got a how2Bcome book from his aunt, it gave him free online tests they aren't that great, but they are timed so that's quite helpful:)

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