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I have my test next month and as its been a while since my school days I'm just wondering if its worth investing in the How2Become guide, seems to be divided opinion among some of the guys on here in the RN forum.


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practice, practice and if at first you don't succeed pull your four skin over you head, no no no give up? No , that's it carry on regardless and try again,practice may not make you perfect but gives you a chance and much better than sod all, just remember with phyco test, answer truthfully as there are check question within the test.
good luck.


I bought the book because I was having a major flap before my test...

Full of errors, not very many actual questions included. Use the thread posted above on here. Find any tests you can and do them. Level of difficulty isn't as important as just getting your brain used to working quickly.

Most importantly - practice against the clock! Get used to working under time constraints, have a good idea in your head how long you can spend on each question. If you don't get it almost immediately, leave it and move on... Come back at the end if you have time.

Practice mental arithmetic and estimation as much as possible for the maths part. It's multiple choice - and there is a huge variance in the options provided. Don't get bogged down trying to do things like long multiplication on paper. Round numbers up and down, do a quick mental sum and pick the answer that looks right.

For how much of a flap I had in the days leading up to the test, I was actually amazed by how easy I found it.


Oh - and the example test on the Royal Navy website is EXACTLY the level the test is at. A lot of people say the actual test is harder... It isn't. Nerves getting the better of them.

GCSE Bitesize is where I refreshed most of the stuff I've forgotten since school... Multiplying fractions etc.


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standard exam tech if all questions equal, divide questions by time that will give you max time for each question, if different point per question divide number of points available by time, this will again give you time per question On point value.
also the 80 / 20 rule on a 10 point question taking 10 mins you will get 8 marks in 2 mins. Learn to run against the clock, be ruthless, go back with extra time to pick up extra points,
good luck

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My son got a how2Bcome book from his aunt, it gave him free online tests they aren't that great, but they are timed so that's quite helpful:)

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How to become any good? Start by not buying let alone reading an author who thinks 2 and to are interchangeable.


you definetly dont need to buy books everything you need is Online literally if you keep digging.
i got heads up on what to revise from watching peoples experiences on Youtube. there are a couple Good ones.

i found this one recently and it gives you a heads up on what to expect a list of links to use for revision **Link Below**
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