How would you make £100 in 24 hours??


War Hero
A girl I know went on the game. in 24 hours she earned £100:50. I asked her which mean sod gave her 50 pence, she said they ALL did.
I used to stick crisp packets up the coin return slots in phone boxes.

Used to get myself at least 50p a week, then glut myself on mojo's, refreshers and those little UFO things full of sherbert.

Down with mobile phones!!!


War Hero
I get £100 for 2 x 45 minute sets plus two encores with my band.

You have to tow £5000 of kit round with you though, and sing of course.

Could make a lot more by robbing a bank! or

Ease over the border into Venlo (Netherlands) by a load of grass and flog it in Germany. ^~
Sell myself for one hour slots to lovely ladies. Or in the real world get a kebab wagon and sit outside Unicorn Gate!!!
Run the canteen onboard. Those barstewards are all in the money!

Branch change to a reggy. The joss onboard does the haircuts for £2 and funnily enough it's his job to tell people to get their head sharpened.
Ive done this before joining the RN.

Sell dirty underware on the net 15 quid a pop.
The pervs ask for all sorts and the joy of it is you dont even have to sell ur own.

I promise u it works
Right, i hear the local chav population are migrating towards the local pubs/burger outlets. Just off to do a bit of culling :whax: :violent3: :threaten:
Do a Waiting List in Derriford Theatres on a saturday {2 sessions roughly £100} , Surgeons on loads more but so what . and It's a lot more laid back than during the week , :thumright:
brazenhussy said:
You already have a 9 to 5 day job but need to make an extra £100 in a24 hours-- how would you do it?
In general, that's 34 minutes of chargeable work.

Not that I see said £100.

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