How would you get rid of an ex?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Jenny_Dabber, Mar 17, 2009.

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  1. How would you 'off' an ex, without leaving a trace or evidence that it was you?
  2. Re: How would you get id of an ex?

    If you really want to know,PM me.
  3. Re: How would you get id of an ex?

    Come on, if it's 'theoretical', you can't be done for it :lol:
  4. Re: How would you get id of an ex?

    My favourite topic, how to get rid of your ex!!!!

    I don't care how I do it, but i'm thinking pain, suffering and prolonged!

    I would LOVE to go to his funeral, just to make sure the bastard is dead. :evil:

    Do I sound bitter? 8O
  5. Re: How would you get id of an ex?

    Or can you?

    We need SgtPs opinion before we take it any further.
  6. Eat her.....starting with the flaps....pan fried with a sprinkling of soy sauce, a little ginger and the grated rind of an orange. Served on a nice bed of stir fried vegetables and washed down with a nice glass of the contents of her bladder...
  7. Re: How would you get id of an ex?


    I dug his coffin up and burnt the basteward just to make sure.
  8. Will my opinion do?

    I would be carefull, just in case the ex was to meet with a nasty accident, that you were not responsible for.
  9. Always get a goodbye shag out of her for starters!! Then spunk on her tits, wipe your cock on her curtains and leave
  10. If you eat your ex you'll enjoy prolonged and double the satisfaction. Firstly when you eat them (alive or dead, makes no odds) and then secondly a day or so later (depending on the regularity of your bowels) when you can wave bye bye and shout fcuk off ya cnut as you curl them down into the pan and flush them out of your lives forever.
  11. And which of our little gingers did you have in mind ??
  12. Great idea Dabbs, then I dig him up and burn him as well... :twisted:
  13. Theoretically, be eco friendly and hoof her off a cliff so the fishes have got something to nosh on and the next time you have fish & chips it can bring back sweet memories. Or just do it, confess all, show remorse, do a couple of years in HMP and back on the streets again. Job done

  14. The ugly miserable faced cnut out of 'Girls Aloud'
  15. First you need one of these:


    Then put her through one of these:


    Feed to these:


    Do this:


    Then do this:

    Jobs a good un
  16. Ask her nicely to leave you alone and you'll be suprised that she might actually do so.

    If not just hide her in your basement and lock her up.

    Suprised RJ didnt say that.
  17. Cellars are so 'Old Skool'....cannabilism is so 'Avant Garde'

    Medical Fact: cannabilism gives you all the powers and strengths of your victims.
  18. Well this is what i hear. First of all you need a middle man. Don't just go to someone and ask them to bump your ex. And don't do it yourself. The pigs will be all over u like flies around sh!t. Make sure the middle man doesnb't mention u to the hitter as when the hitter gets pulled he can't mention you if the filthy five o get sneaky or clever.

    The thing u wanna do really is an efficient kidnap prior to wasting him. But a good hit man will know this. Bursting into his house and emptying a Mac-10 into his body whgile he sleeps is what inner city blacks do to each other all the time and they are constantly getting caught. He needs picking up and bundling into a van. His phone needs removing from his possession immediately. Take the battery out of it too so it can't be traced. Take the guy as far away from his house as possible. So if the c'unt lives in London drive him to the coast of Scotland. Drive him to a secluded area and kill him in as mess free a way (such as strangling) as possible. Then do a decent job of disposing of the body. A good burial in some woods up scotland will suffice.

    After the guys has been missed, the pigs will eventually be phoned and he'll be reported missing. They'll go on an investifgation and they won't be looking for a murder suspect a of yet and so the investigation won't be as intense because as far as the uselss, crooked pile of [email protected] pigs are in this country are concerned, "it's just some guy who's probably done a runner". Now you should have a rock solid alibi and make sure it can't be linked to u in any way. The hitter will know nothing about you and just deal with the middle man. Unless you get caught on CCTV u are pretty much laughing. It isn't hard to kidnap someone efficently and discreetly if you know what you're doing.

    So I hear anyway.

  19. I saw that episode of Eastenders as well, wasn't that when Janine offed Barry?
  20. Janaaaaiine

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