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How would you deal with the anti-capitalist protesters at St Pauls Cathedral?


I made no inference that the House of Lords played no part in "Law Making". However, no policies or manifesto's are made independently by the upper house, in fact they come from a manifesto set by the people we think of as the "Government" ie. the Lower House. In reality, the only time anybody is really bothered about the House of Lords is when the annual set of drips comes around as to who has been made a Life Peer, or when there is a contentious issue that has divided the Commons.

Again, the context is everything. The context of this is that you have abused your right to edit your own posts and have deleted completely, the one that started this little meander off-topic.

You inferred in your post, that the House of Lords has and uses, the right to create Bills and act upon them to create law, independently of the elected Lower House. Futhermore, in context of this thread, you inferred that there are a significant number of senior Clergy in the Upper House doing just this.

The reality of this little sideshow is this; You made a post a couple of days ago without any real knowledge of the subject matter you were getting into and belatedly realised you were wrong So you deleted your comments, hoping nobody would notice. Unfortunately for you, someone did notice and responded accordingly. Then, instead of admitting your mistake, you have twisted and bent the responses you have received in an attempt to cover you own rashness in typing without researching.

Again, if you wish to debate this topic further, then please re-instate your original, misguided and ignorant post which begain this little diversion. If not, please move on back to the point of this thread.


Well Grubber it looks as though we have both submitted posts that could be interpreted in different ways and I believe that when it comes to our political system I am not a complete dunderhead.

As for this missing post of mine that you keep banging on about, if one of the moderators can extract it from the recycling- bin I am more than happy for them to bang it back up?
Oh Finknottle, how could you?
Zounds sirrah! Thou foul spoken coward, that thund'rest with thy tongue and with thy weapon nothing dares perform.


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I have completely forgotten what this thread is about - or given up the will to find out...



The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, has said the protests outside St Paul's Cathedral have "triggered awareness" of the unfinished business between government and banks, and the need to deliver a more just and rational economic system.

He said the public had the feeling that changes to financial institutions were not coming fast enough.

Source BBC News I hour ago.

Well said RW, my sentiments exactly.


Lantern Swinger
Just to get back on track, well, sort of - from what I'm led to believe the only reason these people are in St Paul's courtyard is that the 'bules moved them on from the BoE just round the corner.
Looking at it logically, there are very few places in central London where groups of people can convene in peaceful protest, because of the tightened security measures that have been implemented through the prevention of terrorism act.
St. Pauls, because of its somewhat priviledged position as a "safe haven" from common law restrictions was therefore an ideal place for these protesters to continue their demonstration against *whatever* simply because the Dean gave his consent to their occupancy of the yard.
That's where he dropped a bollock; in an effort to show some sort of sympathy with the group's general direction, he unwittingly gave them carte blanche to stay there indefinitely, and gave then the wherewithal to thumb their collective noses to the forces of law and order.
It doesn't matter much whether you agree with what they're trying to achieve or not - and that's something of a moot point - however the things that most people would object to is the ad hoc way it's being done, and the fact that they're using the religious sanctuary provision to their own advantage.
Word has it that they will be moved on at some point - and if they have then forgive me, I don't spend my life looking at BBC news 24 - they will be gone from St. Pauls. Although I'd broadly agree that capitalism has caused a helluva lot of trouble for a helluva lot of people, it's the only system that seems to have worked reasonably well throughout history so someone will have to come up with a pretty good alternative before anything changes.
Just my couple of bobs' worth.....



Having allowed a bit of off thread banter, the thread was brought back on track by jaybee48, just in time. It's a bit early to go off track again.

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