How would you deal with the anti-capitalist protesters at St Pauls Cathedral?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by finknottle, Oct 31, 2011.

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  1. IMO it's a valid non- violent protest highlighting the excesses of bankers and the global finance system and they should be allowed to remain.
  2. IMO 90% are hooray henries who have no job and go back home at night as was proven when they used a thermal camera on the tents. Those un-occupied should be given to shelterbox or some other charity. The remaining one or two could stay.
  3. Take away their mobile phones, digital cameras, stop their access to the internet and any other technologicalised piece of kit and then see how they cope.
  4. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    finknottle wrote
    Highlighting the excesses of bankers? Rock bottom interest rates gave me a clue before the helpful campers turned up. The protesters don't seem to have an objective or measure of success. One knob was banging on about the high interest rates being the fault of the bankers. The BBC reporter didn't ask her where she banks. Another was blaming the aristocracy. WTF? So some of them don't even know what they are protesting against, let alone what they are protesting for. And the excesses of the previous government are as worthy of protest as those of the bankers. This recession is not global, whatever Broon says in his half arrsed defence.

    So what to do? Well apart from those on holiday or a leave of absence from work if it was up to me, I'd find a device by which to dock their dole money, especially when they turn up at the local Tesco Metro to buy cider. Get a job and contribute.
  5. Like seadog I can't see at what point they might say "protest over we have achieved our aims".Like `em or loathe `em the Banks ore here to stay and communism does not look likely to surpass capitalism any time in the forseeable future so the protesters are either there forever or until another point of protest catches their eye.Personally I would get them shifted in the middle of the night away from the media glare and rob them of the attention they think they deserve.
  6. As was mentioned on last week's Question Time, Armistice Day is around the corner and they need to be moved before then. If they really care about this issue and not the just notoriety of being associated with it, they will move somewhere more appropriate.

    I do get the feeling that, although there are is a hard core of genuine protesters, most are just there to be a 'face on the scene'.
  7. Yes I heard that on Question Time last week that they have to pop off home to pick up the Fortnum and Mason lunch hamper that mummy has got in for the following day.
  8. Surely one of the reasons that they paid the ultimate sacrifice was that we could have the luxury of free speech and be allowed to peacefully protest?
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  9. They have a point:

    "For too long, the Church of England has lagged behind on moral issues and failed to speak out on matters of social injustice".

    When these unelected pointy hatted buggers are sitting over us in that anachronism that is the House of Lords I tend to be in some agreement with them.
  10. My great uncle paid the ultimate sacrifice and has his name inscribed on the blitz fire fighters memorial outside St Pauls. Come Armistice day I fully intend to be there in uniform. If any of these ***** decide to express their right to free speech in my direction, I'll express my right to stab the cretins with my bayonet.
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  11. They don't like it up em.
  12. Ageing_Gracefully

    Ageing_Gracefully War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    With that freedom, which took two world wars and thousands of lives to finally set in place, comes responsibility.

    No-one has the right to protest irresponsibly. The church has asked them to move, protestors have refused, I don't therefore consider them acting responsibly. The protesters are now staying put because a: they are getting tv time, b: the weather has been very clement for this time of year. Add some rain and watch their principles wash away, rapidly.
  13. I think they have chosen the right place to protest, £14 to enter a house of God! They have turned the Cathedral into a den of thieves through their commercial activities if JC were alive he would kick those clerics out on their arses.
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  14. Blessed are the cheesemakers
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  15. Agreed. If they want to come back afterwards then fine. But for the period of remembrance, they should respect those who safeguarded their rights for them and keep their distance.

    Just because you can does NOT mean you should.
  16. On the subject of the Church charging to enter the Cathedral, it's very easy to be outraged at the cost without pausing to think where the money goes. Hundreds of old churches and associated buildings don't pay for themselves. Vicars, Priests, Deans, Deacons etc aren't going to get far in the world without a means to live by. Put the Express down and look at the bigger picture please.
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  17. Let them crack on; they're doing no harm.
  18. What on earth does 'protest irresponsibly' mean? Protest is meant to inconvenience, it wouldn't be much of a protest otherwise. It's like these mouth breathing DM readers asking why teachers don't strike during the school holidays *bangs head on wall*.


    Capitalism has failed, good on the protestors. My only drip is their peaceful approach.
  19. Stop their Dole, if they are protesting they arnt availlable for work.

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