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How would you deal with immigrants who commit crimes

janner said:
Theres a perfectly good, empty Prison Ship, sitting in Portland Harbour. Why not fill it with all of the foreign johnnies and ship them home.

More to the point, why not tow them into international waters, and do what the Greeks did...........?? :twisted:
:lol: I think they do it the "Greek Way" in prisons everywhere, you don't need a floating one, something to do with a lack of women
Womping Willow,

You are typical of the spinless apologists who are responsible for much of the shambles which exists in our Immigration Services. However, you are quite right to raise the question of the (mainly Southern Irish). I regard them, and particularly their travelling community, in the same way as I regard the other scum who have invaded our shores during the last 30 years!!!
Frogman, you really are an angry bigot.
I'm was born in Southern Ireland and I served his country in The Royal Navy for seven years, my Father is from Southern Ireland and served this country for 35 years in the R.A.F.
I'd say my family has given more to this country than the chavs that would still be welcome in your utopia.

How would you deal with immigrants who commit crimes?

Surely this is an equal rights for all country........In which case they should be treated exactly the same as anyone else who commits a crime. Now, whether the current punishments are proportional.? Well that's another matter entirely. :wink:

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