How would you deal with immigrants who commit crimes

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by slim, Sep 30, 2006.

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  1. A large number of crimes seem to carried out by immigrants (Legal & Illegal) and asylum seekers. It is my view that we enough home bred scum committing crimes and filling up our prisons without importing them.
    Why can we not make it a law that any asylum seeker or non British national found guilty of being involved in criminal activities be subject to immediate repatriation to country of origin. The fact that they may be going back to a death sentence should not enter into the equation.
    From my views on law & order it can be construed that I am just a little to the right of Genghis Khan.
    Unfortunately our home bred scum at present we have to endure, however how about giving the Falkland Islanders loads of money to move off the islands and transporting the criminals there.
  2. Souds like a good plan to me shippers.each week the court circular is full of Lithuanians and Portugese!!!Send the buggers back!

    I also see that Tescos have been caught out.They have been sacking UK workers and replacing them with Eastern Europeans!!
  3. Slim,
    I couldn't agree more mate, and ours is a view shared by many of my friends and colleagues as well. The reason we can't do it though is the Human Rights Act, the biggest pile of wishy-washy, namby-pamby tripe to be inflicted upon our great nation it its history. It fcuking maddens me mate. I'll stop now before I get upset, it's saturday night after all. :lol:
  4. This view is also shared with the BNP, im not siding with them but a whole lot of people will, after all there is only so much the british people will put up with, and i am so far right of Ghensis that im in the next county.
  5. We do send the buggers back eventually.
    I watched a program featuring this Croatian woman and her 12 year old daughter, they had made it here and were given a council house and the daughter was at school, she had learnt English and was doing well. Then 2 years on and they were told to gather their belongings and report to a charter flight at Heathrow. When they got to the check in they had £78 of excess baggage (all they owned) and they couldn’t pay it so the camera crew helped them out.
    My point is why can`t we send them back on the next plane, to string them along for 2 years or more, letting them get settled and then sending them back is inhuman.

  6. Following that question the answer is simple - if an immigrant who has only been in the country for less than three years is convicted of any crime (no matter how petty) he/she should face IMMEDIATE repatriation together with ALL his family. After three years and less than five years, if he hasn't passed a simple test in English and the English culture and does not live in a ghetto if the crime is more than a fine of £1000 both him and all immediate family should face immediate repatriation! If he can't pass the test after five years and is under sixty years of age (can we still say that?) immediate repatriation should be carried out! those who believe in the country and want to be here (and there's plenty of those) will still be here those who don't, won't! Of course three years serving the Crown will automatically qualify for a British Passport (you'd have to be able to speak/read/write English to get into the Service)>
  7. Cut to the quick!shoot them!The use the corpse as Fuel for the National Grid!No paperwork apart from accounting for the bullet.
  8. Did you read the news item about the greeks and the arrivals of 'immigrants' from Turkey

    Quite a quick turnabout ------------the Greeks took them to sea in the general direction of Turkey and requested the illegals disembark!!

    Some drowned but the main lot were picked up by the Turkish Coast guard!! The survivors consisted of Algerians ,Turks ,Afghani's ,etc etc.
  9. Should we send the welsh or scotish back to their repected countries if they commit a crime in England, and what about the hundreds of Republic of Ireland people who have settled here or ' over the boarder' in the North or Ireland, come to thing of it were do they stand?
  10. Where do I stand Womping?

    I took a low paid job for 24 years to (so I thought) protect the United Kingdom (that included the Taffs, Boggies and Jocks don't you know). From whatever the world wanted to throw at us.

    Now it seems to include (our country that is) lots of other folk who wouldnt give two tiny shites if I crossed the bar naturally or otherwise.

    I know who gets my vote.
  11. If they are found guilty of a crime for which jail is appropriate,then send them back instantly.How come crimminals have "human Rights" and victims don't?.....Discuss
  12. :twisted: :evil: I get the 0632 bus to Derriford Hospital most mornings from St Budeaux Square , the 43 to Ernesettlle no longer stops there as it's overloaded with Eastern Europeans going to the Toshibia factory , there has got to be over 60 or 70 peaple on that bus , we are be'ing overun with these economic immigrants , [the life boat only holds so many], what happens on January the 1st when Bulgaria & Romania join our lovely club , we must be fxxxxxxxxg stupid , I am so pleased that I am in my 50s & not a youngster starting out , gone off track a bit here , so sorry , send the bxxxxxxxs back , any crime , away you go mate , we must be the stupidist country in the world ,
  13. or are we one of the few that realise that as a nation we are producing less and less children ( well at least the right kind of parents aren't producing enough children)

    So need these migrant workers to wipe are arses, be are doctors and do the shitty jobs that most youngsters now-a-days won't do, with out the influx of migrant workers ( that only just out strips ( OK officially) those people leaving the country) we would be brought to are knees very quickly.

    We have a massive brain drain of our own going on, with doctors, nurses and other qualified people leaving this country due to low wages, yet we are more obsessed with thous coming in than out.
  14. You must take note that these people are here because the majority of our own young people want office based jobs that pay well and are not prepared to take on manual work.

    I was going to study carpentry when I was 16 but there was so little work out you had men with 20 years experience applying for entry level jobs just to have work.

    Its the nature of things today. I worked security at my old college for a bit while I was between jobs. The majority of students were on media or IT courses. There were very few on trade courses, compared to when I was there when it was half and half.

  15. Hmmm, seems to me that a lot of crimes appear to be carried out by criminals these days, regardless of creed. Personally, I would say that crime flourishes in the UK simply because there is no effective deterent. Let's face it, since the human rights act came into being, the only people who seem to have gained from it are criminals. Then again, I might be wrong. :roll:

    I wonder how many innocent victims would have something to say about the matter. :?
  16. Your totaly right mate , no deterent what so ever , winds me up no ends , country has gone to total ratshit , sinking rapidly ,
  17. Roll on the revolution shippers, or should that be the tot? :lol:
  18. If we stopped paying out benefits to lazy chav scum who won't work then they would have to do the lower paid jobs and we wouldn't need to have immigrants doing them. I live in a country where there is no benefit or medical care for free but there are no more beggars here than in London. You will never guess what the poorer people do??? They live cheaply, eat noodles and do any bit of work they can find, this is opposed to weraing all the shitty cheap gold you can buy from argos, dressing up in designer seconds from TK Max, having a cable tv and chav mobile.
    Fcuk yeah our country has gone soft/stupid. Like most countries any crime should be rewarded with a taxi to the airport and a "you are not welcome again" stamp in your passport.
    UK had better wake up before it is too late.... or is it already?
  19. What I reckon may be the answer to this is don't let the fcukers in in the first place. When allowing people into your home you are not likely to invite anyone a bit sus are you so why not apply the same criteria to those wanting to enter you country. Problem is the checks seem to be made after arrival in the country whereas a strict suitability test should be applied at the point of departure.
    Trouble there, sadly, is corrupt officials who grant visas for a price. To the point, it should be immediate expulsion and sacrifice all but the most basic possessions. Once this sort of treatment bites, the word would soon get around and you've gotta start somewhere instead of stuffing about. The good guys should not have to suffer these POS so get 'em out pronto,

  20. Exactly right.
    In order to bring my missus to the UK to live (hmmm)... we have to satisfy a strict criteria, the main points of which are where will you live, how much do I earn to support her and to make sure we do NOT have to rely on any public funds.
    Fair enough I think, so why are these half wit benefit gobblers even allowed through the gate at heathrow?Makes me puke. Yeah Ling, come on in, bring your missus, but make sure you show us all your pay slips and bank statements and your house deeds, oh yeah and can we have some references as well?? Ah, adhul, not got a pot to piss in and haven't had a bath in years? You'd like to come and preach hate against us outside your funny shaped church whilst the honest hard working people in the UK pay for your keep? Sure, why not indeed, here, have a new pair of flip flops as well.

    Anyone else see what's wrong with this picture?

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