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How Would A Gibraltar war pan out?


I reckon The Navy Would Smash the Spanish Boats Apart, And Royal Marines Backed By Apache AH-64 Helicopters, But hey what would I know.

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Is BungaBunga really Silvio Berlusconi and merely entertaining himself from his jail cell?


Granted there is degree of similarity in the smugness but you'd be out by a factor of some 60-odd years.

Negat Scribes,

Now that skool is out for the summer the younker is just this season's Admirality-Scruffkins pleasuring himself awhiles with the salty grown-ups.
Was serving (I think on the Cherry B) in the Med, when the RM were exercising 'invading' the Rock .......... totally beaten by the resident Gib Garrison ..... :)


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Yep, trouble is Gibraltar doesn't really "stand-out" when navigating: BBC News | EUROPE | Spanish smiles over invasion gaffe

From the article cited above:

Spain magnanimously spared Britain's blushes by accepting the landing had been a genuine mistake.

At least, that's what we said it was . . .

On a serious note, there was a report not all that long ago about the persistent harassment tactics the Spanish have been using over the last year or so by entering and leaving Gib territorial waters. This could quite easily have been seen as British provocation as a response. Not saying that it was or not, but I am surprised that the Spaniards are not making more of this.

Perhaps they have got the (intended / unintended) message?
And ?? ..... maybe you should also have said that she was used as a target in 1993 ?
It's not the first time that invasion exercisies were carried out on Gib, perhaps I should have said this was in the 60s to help those who think the mob exists only for those serving now ? :p


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Was serving (I think on the Cherry B) in the Med, when the RM were exercising 'invading' the Rock .......... totally beaten by the resident Gib Garrison ..... :)

Without knowing the exercise instructions and limitations, we don't know whether the exercise was for the benefit of the Gib. Regt. or the RM Detachment, so the comment is rather superfluous. And out of date.
...perhaps I should have said this was in the 60s to help those who think the mob exists only for those serving now ? :p

Well, at least that might have enabled Dredd not to confuse and conflate events that happened over a decade apart.
But, then again, if I can spot the date on an article, anyone should be able to.
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