How will you be celebrating tonight, New Year's Eve?

Re: How will you be celebrating tonight?

The Classic:

A georgian pub in Whitehall 100 metres from Trafalger Square and Old Father Thames. Bottles of Port and and flagons of Ale. Finish with drunken rendition of 'Auld Lang Syne'.

Followed by the vomit-inducing inevitable crush in a p*ss-ridden train home to SE London. Damn.
Bezzy oppo from Raleigh who was also the best man at my wedding is coming up from Pompey. We intend to eat cheese and drink HAC mess port all evening while his missus and my missus do whatever it is girls do.

I expect this course of events to continue well into next week as, by my calculations, I have enough port and cheese to last until at least Tuesday.

My missus's best mate and her weed smoking, slightly mongoloid, husband are also coming over. I intend to put her husband in front of the wii all night with a six pack of cheap lager and leave him to his own devices. If he even thinks about sparking up a joint (or a conversation for that matter) within 200 metres of my home, I will drown him in my fish tank.
Silly party games like smart ass always good for a laugh. I will be cooking my world famous sea food pizza and tomatoe and cheese/garlic pizza while consuming German lager. Then in the morning we will once again be climing the nearest mountain. And probably taking a plastic bag to pick up the litter left by the crowds. Who in there right mind would leave melon slices on top of a mountain and coke cans.
Unfortunately my two little daughters have put paid to several new years eve, but dont really miss it. Watch Jools Holland with the missus avec couple of bottles of vino, non stop party round mine.


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Going on the rampage to rape and pillage. With it being my birthday, I'll not be a happy bunny if I don't get locked up! All the best HO HO.


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Going down the RNA club where i'm going to get smashed, dance the hornpipe and then shit my pants. Happy new year.
Only having a quiet night with Mrs WM due to work again tomorrow .... :(

Will, however will still be having an ale or two :eek:ccasion5: to see the fireworks over Parliament in the distance !

Happy New Year to all, but above all, ENJOY ........

:eek:ccasion7: :party: :drunken:


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Mines over, had a quiet night because I'm off on my hols today, come midnight UK time I should be heading past Christchurch on my way to the kiakoura coast, which is one of the most scenic drives I know.

Happy new year peeps, keep safe.


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Enjoy your holiday wet blobby I aint been to NZ for many years
anyway one and all stay well and get pis**d for new year. Happy
new to everyone

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