How will Tony Blair be remembered?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by brazenhussy, May 15, 2007.

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  1. "What will the prime minister's legacy be when he leaves No 10?

    How will history judge his time in office? What have been his key successes and failures? Is the UK a better place to live? How has your life changed?"

    (taken from another forum)
  2. I think that how history judges Dear Tone will depend a lot on how the future pans out, and also ones point of view. Just as today some remember Maggie for the Falklands, some for the miners strile ands some the poll tax, and I see her as the PM who stopped the rot in UK industry which had been happening since 1918.

    Some possibilities could be the Reunification of Ireland, Bringer of Democracy to Iraq, the architect of G Browns defeat and fall from power, the destroyer of the RN, the list is endless and only restricted by your imagination.
  3. The person who shagged the wide mouth frog
  4. PMSL!!!!
  5. Agree with Maxi, different things to different people so, for me:

    He made the Labour party electable again by dragging them back to the centre left after their wilder forays into excessive socialism.

    He extended liberalisation of the public sector, although I also think a lot of that was flawed in its execution. This one might be questionable as a lot of it was Treasury driven so Brown may get the credit.

    Weakness in facing up to the Bush government in their Foreign Policy; Palestinian/ Israeli relations, post Telic planning, the Doha trade round and Kyoto.

    Actually delivering something out of the NI talks. The groundwork had been done by a previous administration, but he does appear to have had some success here.
  6. I like to remember him falling out the back of a C-130 from 30,000ft over the Atlantic.......
  7. When TB was elected for his first term I was relieved because the Conservative party had been in power for three terms and achieved nothing for the workers of the country. TB now two years from the end of his third term has matched the results achieved by the Conservatives. His words and promises have been just that.
  8. Tony who?
  9. Lets not forget that NuLabour always seem to blame the 'previous' government for all the problems and yet the previous 2 elected governments were LABOUR......
  10. Good one - Big BZ !! :D :D

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