How will anyone notice.....?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by SONAR-BENDER, Nov 10, 2015.

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  1. As a load of people loosely associated with the RN, how would anyone notice?

    Looks like someone trying to make a name for themselves.

    (Retires to corner, laughing out loud and clutching ribs)
  2. Yippee. I now have a disorder to prove I am special!

    Just like everyone else . . .

    PS - Can I claim benefits with my new-found disability?
  3. Found my keys in the fridge a while ago.

    Wait, what was I going to say?
  4. Does this mean I'm entitled to a spackers blue card so I can park anywhere, anytime?
  5. Oh well, another qualification to put on my CV.
  6. I think the report was based on a very small sample which obviously didn't include any old matelots.
  7. Been offered outside for fisticuffs cos of my 'dark' humour , now I keep my gob shut and they still want to duff me up , this is just my family you understand... 1 ex RP , 1 ex GA , 1 ex WE and 2 ex perc , am I a special case ?.
  8. Oooooooh yes :)
  9. Thought as much. ;)
  10. can lose their inhibition, become more impulsive and struggle with social situations.

    are they talking about Jack as a general example?

    Wrecks "anywhere, anytime?" I have heard that about you, just let me think it will come to me eventually or not?:p
  11. Given the amount of jabs received on joining, could we have been injected with it?
  12. Only if you served during the 1st Gulf war! :eek:
  13. Wrecks not totally true can park most places most of the time, there are time limits and exception where you will get a parking ticket, unless parking bay is filled by those that do not give a shit or mothers/fathers with children who seem to have become the newest disabled bunch.

    Some bonuses most tolls including London pay zone are either free or are free for a small token, e.g for Tamar crossing I get up to 100 per year for 3 years for £4, never used my allowance do not go to pointy head land that often. Bridge to Wales free when showing blue badge.
  14. There's a joke in there somewhere, I can just feel it . . .
  15. Might be lucky Wrecks, but then you'd forget where you parked your car :(
  16. Well, we've all been given Lariam in spades so kind of.
  17. I was being sarcastic Sumo, as some seem to park where and when they like, unfortunately there is no sarky emoticon thingy ;)
  18. Had to google "Lariam" we had to take some tabs put out in the dinning area back in 77 not sure what they were?
  19. :eek:shock horror thought you had mixed up spas badge with white van drivers;)
  20. Feckin' blue badges, orange badges, mobility scooters everywhere, how do people get all these goodies? I'm as jealous as hell!

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