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How was it for you?


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Personally I didn't feel a thing and slept through the peak. It seems it was just a little blowy but certainly nothing to sweep me off my feet as it did in '87.

Just the thoughts of a blonde ex wren.


Not much up here on the Cumbrian coast, a bit gusty yesterday evening.

Nothing like the one of 1990 either, was doing my Basic Sea Survival course when that one hit, they did not really need the Ribs to make the waves in the lagoon during life raft training
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Trees on the side if the A14 not blowing at all this morning, daughters space hopper still in the same place in the garden (still waiting for her to put it away, only told her in the summer).

However the heavens have just opened over Cambridge airport :(

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Woken up by heavy rain first thing this morning in Oxfordshire but it's now stopped and a bit windy - nothing to lose sleep over.


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A tree fell over down here in the South West. We know this because it's been running on a loop on the local news since daft'o'clock this morning (caught on camera). I think that the Weather Dept didn't want a repeat of the now infamous "Michael Fishgate" incident so they opted to forecast a possible Armageddon just to be on the safe side. I did run over a twig on the way to work though.
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Just an ordinary gale near Hayling. Media all geared up to enjoy a disaster that hasn't happened.

'No deaths and nobody drownded, in fact nothing to laugh at at all.'

Poor buggers at sea though, as I often say to myself when it's blowing a bit. But doubt last night was enough to blow anybody's fore topsail clean out of its boltropes.


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We've just had our 6th typhoon in October, making a total of 27 so far this year. Okinawa generally gets hit hardest but Tokyo and the surrounds got a tad windy in the last one. It certainly makes for 'interesting' flying but it's pain the arse the civvies can't swing the airport into wind =)


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Rough in London at around 0545 when I was on my way to the gym. Heavy rain had fallen during the night but the worst thing was the damn wind - in some areas the buildings funnel it and concentrate it and it feels like being in a wind tunnel. Some streets something of an obstacle course due to plastic bags/tins/cups/twigs/flying plant pots etc.

Left home looking halfway decent, arrived at the gym doing a passable imitation of Wurzel Gummidge.

MG Maniac

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We got the record! 99mph winds recorded at the Needles first thing this morning (does that make it officially a hurricane??)! Blowing a [email protected] during the night and when I got up this morning ... slight deviation to route to work due to tree down ... unfortunately alternative route reasonably clear otheriwise would have been an impromptu "duvet day".
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