How to wind up the old 'uns

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Tanzi, Apr 28, 2008.

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  1. How to wind up the old 'uns 101

    1. Post a stupid and puerile question, e.g. I am attending an interview for blah blah blah, should I get my toenails cut? :jocolor:

    2. View numerous replies from ancient mariners who will normally arc up at such a stupid question. :blob6:

    3. Express innocent surprise at their antagonism. :angel7:

    4. Receive at least one sympathetic reply together with several more telling you to get your shit together. :pirat:

    5. Acknowledge your sympathisers whilst at the same time innocently asking your detractors what you have said wrong. :?:

    6. Piss yourself laughing at having instigated another internecine forum discussion on a) whether you exist and 2) whether you are sane or otherwise fit for purpose. :pain10:

    7. Job done. :headbang:
  2. hahahahahahaha. not



    PS while your drinking your Bundy rubbish we get the real McCoy follow the link

    Proper Pussers

    When that is gone we can purchase a 1 litre Bottle of Woods 54% dark rum for 23 Australian Dollars

    Tough standing on your head all the time in the Land of the Upsidedown People.
  4. Ahh the good old harsh, firm but let's not forget fair approach, definately the best way.
  5. You've just made a powerful enemy my friend. Smithers, do something!
  6. Hey! At least you can spell and punctuate; that get's my vote. I now only have two aims in life; firstly to piss off as many young people as possible and secondly to collect my RN Retired Pay for longer than I served.
  7. god i hate these stupid threads where the instigator cant be bothered to dio some digging around first before posting a idiotic request
  9. It is called spell check and grammar!!

    Yep sure is good to pick up a pension wondering what shall I do today.

    Of course we have a certain person nearby who never started work til he was forty and only because the dole told him go get that job or no money.

    Now all we hear is I wish I had enough money to buy blah blah blah.

    Should have started work long ago then shoudn't you!

    1. Post a stupid and puerile question, e.g. I am attending an interview for blah blah blah, should I get my toenails cut?

    I remember my first parade. One person was told to go away and have a wash you dirty person. He was never seen again. Rumour has it he joined the ARMY :bball:
  10. What are threads? Oh, I get you. I should be using Google to find out before asking anyone (link):

    Well, that was easier than I thought. In that case, don't buy stupid threads then. Visit a decent clothing shop instead of Louis Bernard.

    (Or have I lost the thread somewhere?)
  11. You bastard, Nutty. Best I can do with Bundy is 57% O.P or the more exotic (and more expensive) Inner Circle at 75.9%. This is equivalent to Barcardi 151 but dark rum. What would I give to taste the real McCoy agen. :happy8: :happy8: :happy8:
  12. as Alfred E Nueman said Tanzi "what me worry" :angel4: :thumright:
  13. Oh dear.

    To make friends, one laughs without sarcasm.
  14. As an Old 'Un you made me laugh by nailing the process down so well.

  15. Well summised Tanzi. Can you do the same for Norm's legion of guises and formulaic posts?

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