How to usefully spend £7.4m of taxpayers money.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Shakey, Jan 9, 2007.

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  1. The Government can't afford to have proper Armed Forces 'cos of shit like this:

    Civil servants are used to dealing with red tape - but a group are now having to adjust to black tape to show them where to put things on their desks.

    National Insurance staff in Longbenton, North Tyneside, are taking part in a pilot scheme on desk management.

    It is part of the Lean programme brought in by consultants Unipart, which has already seen public sector workers told to clear their desks of personal items.

    HM Revenue & Customs declined to say how much Unipart was paid, claiming it was a commercial matter.

    But a spokesman for the Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS) claimed it was costing £7.4m nationally.

    He said: "The scheme is demoralising and demeaning. Staff know how to order their desks themselves.

    "We had a situation in some offices in Scotland where staff were asked 'Is that banana on your desk active or inactive?', meaning were they going to eat it? If not, it had to be cleared away."

    PCS branch secretary Kevin McHugh said some staff at Longbenton share the same desk, and have to rearrange their workspace, regardless of the tape.

    "If the person coming in after you has longer arms, he will have to move the markers," he said.

    "This office has been open for 60 years and people have managed to find their pens and staplers without consultants helping them in that time."

    A HMRC spokeswoman said: "It's only right that those staff who now share desk space with their colleagues are given advice and support in deciding how to make the most efficient use of the space available to them whilst taking into account the needs of their colleagues.

    "Staff can still move the things on their desk to positions that suit them best.

    "Lean is all about how we can work more efficiently to deliver an even better service to our customers, providing support and appropriate levels of management to busy staff whilst providing real value for money to the taxpayer."

    From Sky News

    Real value for money to the taxpayer! Ha!
  2. Would have made more sense if they had used red tape, that way we could all laugh it off and pretend that they really aren't that wasteful. The consultants must be laughing all the way to the bank, do they supply the special black tape too at £50/roll?
  3. Shakey

    Its simple, my boss had a clear desk policy cost nothing to impliment.

    When ever you left the building even for lunch your desk had to be clear of all but tools required for work i.e. PC, pens, stapler, phone. All paper books, records, photos and or personal items had to be put away in draws and locked if required.

    This was after a person entered a supposedly secure office with entry numeric keypad lock and copied papers being used in a disciplinary hearing.

    You soon learn to keep a clear and tidy desk. When you have to go to your boss to recover yesterdays notes etc.

  4. Yes, anyone here who's driven a pusser's desk knows to have a clear desk policy. It's not difficult.

    £7.4m could go towards keeping the fleet afloat.

    Or a couple of thousand more refugees in council housing. :roll:
  5. The knowing is not very important it the enforcement that counts.

  6. everyone should pay a little bit and tax payers money go up for a little time?
  7. Your sentiments are good and sincere....but we already pay enough tax in this country. Perhaps the powers that be could take a paycut or even donate one weeks pay to the cause...........
  8. Pay more tax! We already are!

    This Government has introduced all manner of stealth taxes.

    They throw money at the NHS and other public services and what happens? Nowt! Their people on the front line, ambulance crews, doctors, police, fire etc. drip as much as we do. It all goes on management consultants and various 'iniatives'.

    They chuck billions into the EU, billions into social services whilst the rest of the country falls to pieces.

    £7.4m on telling people how to have a tidy desk. Pah!
  9. Nutty,

    What a relief you never saw the state of my desk... :wink: :lol:


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