how to transfer to regs or FTRS from RMR

HI I am righting on behalf of a colleague who is in the RMR but wants to get an open engagement or a FTRS contract. he's approached the necessary persons, chain of command but with no joy. due to this he is thinking of going to the unwashed side. I feel it is a shame to loose a guy from the corps when the corps are short of man power as it is just because no one will steer him in the right direction. Could anyone out there shed some light on this subject. Can it be done? What is the quickest and simplest way of going about it? Who should he contact?


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Yep, if he's a fully trained commando, it's very easy. Simplest way is volunteer for an operational deployment whilst in the RMR, with a regular Commando unit then request a sideways transfer. You have to bear in mind that RMR units are often understandably reluctant to lose trained RMR commandos and can sometimes lose sight of the whole point of the RMR for the sake of losing a trained marine at unit level.

If he's an untrained RMR Recruit, he needs to get in touch with his AFCO, renew any time-expired elements of selection, undergo PRMC & start recruit training from the very beginning.
It is relatively easy, but as with anything else it takes a little effort from the chain of command, which is usually where the trouble starts.

Best bet is to get into his unit, speak to the TO, USM and if necessary the CO and ask them to sort it out for him or at the least point him in the right direction.

As stated before though, the way most people go about this is to stay on after an operational tour. It is also a good idea as if you went open engagement and after a year found yourself stuck in a clerks billet or something equally dull you may wish you had the option to leave after 12 months as opposed to being tied in for 4 years.

I would say wait for Herrick 12 and put your name down for that.

Good Luck


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there is a shed load of FTRS contracts available at present
without wanting to identify the person in question -- may i ask what RMR unit he is serving in / also has he passed continuation training ?
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