how to show leadership potential?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by lemon, May 26, 2009.

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  1. I have just had my sift and the thing they knocked me back on was that I haven't shown enough evidence of leadership.

    What sort of stuff can I do to show this for next time, I am going to do a leadership course and an officer acquaint course but other than that I'm stuck. I don't know where I would find a job that would allow me to lead a group of people and organise things straight away which I get the feeling is what they really want.

    (I know you might think its not showing much potential asking for suggestions but would be a mistake to ignore the experience of other people I think)
  2. Whilst to some extent you have made the first step by at least asking some one else I think you need to be asking yourself. You need to find out what qualities people see in a leader and find out for yourself if you have them then figure out how to show them.

    BRNC is good at helping you develop your ability, but they need something to work on. Your job is to show them you have that something.

    I could suggest some things that may help but really I think if you don't already know you really need to find out for yourself, this is all an inner thing so just doing what you are told is not enough, it has to come from within.
  3. Help at a beaver.. colony? Or Cub Pack or whatever.
  4. cheers for the replies, i think you are right Maxi_77 gonna give it some good thought
  5. Lemon

    Do let us know what you decide on - it might be of help to others too.
  6. A start may be choosing a some what more 'thrusting' nom de guerre than lemon, now what sort of a pictiure of you do you thinkk that gives?
  7. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Perhaps they're looking for you to have demonstrated leadership in a situation appropriate to your age (which, quite rightly, you don't tell us) - at school on the sports field or in scouts, cadets, D of E etc; at uni on expeditions or OTC or equivalent; or rising to a position of leadership in the big world relatively quickly; generally speaking EVIDENCE of having got off your butt and done something ahead of the pack, wilfully stepping outside your comfort zone.
  8. if i were you i wud go into footy coaching(thats if you like footy)! i was a coach for a under 14's team! it shows leadership and its always a gud thing that you have worked with kids
  9. i might just be giving the game away here, but aswel as having leadership experience you also need to show leadership qualities, try to be really confident (but not cocky) speak clearly with your head up not cowering into the corner that sort of thing.
  10. I am a confident person but have just not done anything out of the ordinary to show my skills, whilst I have done a fair few things none of them really stand out.

    I am a qualified civil engineer and to take my application further I am thinking of volunteering in a lesser developed country for a couple of months. Getting involved in designing irrigation or something along those lines would be very enjoyable and rewarding I think. Hopefully this will demonstrate my skills otherwise I'm a bit perlexed as to what to do!
  11. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Being a qualified civil engineer you will obviously have some workplace experience – so think back to what you have done in problem solving; have you persuaded others to take your point of view? Have you displayed initiative? Have you mediated in conflicts between colleagues? Have you mentored someone and given them guidance? Leadership is not about being the manager, it’s about showing some initiative and getting on with the job and getting others to do the same.

    Here are some words I’d previously posted on another thread:

  12. Having a bit of balls about you usually helps aswell, people spark and listen to you lol.
  13. Being found lacking in Oily Qs can be a bit terminal, they looked for them didn't find any, so you don't have them. Oily Qs tend not to be things you can go and find in a shop club or even a book.

    I don't think we can help very much becvayuse this is very much about how you see yourself and project that on to those around you. It would appear you do need to indulge in some serious self examination, to see what you really are and where you should be going, perhaps being an RN Officer is not for you, because if it was you would have this one licked by now.
  14. Have you thought about doing charity work before? I used to work for the British Red Cross and you have plenty of opportunity's to show leadership there with charity work, for example I helped arrange a Snowdonia trek which I'm sure would show great leadership skills as well as doing a bit for the greater good. Just an idea but the possibilities are endless.
  15. The reality is there are lots of ways of showing you have what it takes, the problem though in this case seems to be that the 'what it takes ' is not there in the first place, and that is a problem.

    If you are going to be an officer there is a time when you need to stop looking for the feeding spoon and that time has to be before you get to AIB. In my book some one who has difficulty showing leadership now is going to have real problems when snap descisions that peoples lives depend on have to be taken.
  16. I'm just about to start coaching for a local team in my area, it's great fun and it demonstrates leadership!
  17. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Indeed it does. All you need to work on is timing and you're there.
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  18. I would also consider literacy and numeracy so you can read the time and date stamp and relate it to todays date, so you can make the judgement in your head whether what your posting is chronologically relevant.

    Or not.
  19. Oh dear, my bad! Sorry about that.

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