HOW TO SHAPE A BERET (all matelots take note)


1) Get a brand new issue beret (non-issue are the best but cost a bit)
Remove the clear plastic diamond shape thing from the lining.
2) Fill a kettle to the brim and boil it.
3)Put beret in a bowl and pour the boiling water over it and let it soak.
4) Whilst soaking the beret ,fill up the kettle again and boil.
5) Once the beret is cool enough to handle fill bowl with cold water and soak the beret until kettle has boiled.
6) Drain away cold water and imerse the beret in the boiling water.
7) Repeat this Hot Cold process 3 times.
8) Your beret should have shrunk,thus allowing you to shape your beret on your head.
9) Place on your bonce, ensuring the beret badge location is slightly to the left hand edge of your left eye( it looks smarter).
10) Pull down the right hand edge of the beret ,so that the berets edge is no lower than a few mm over the tip of your right ear(any further you will look like an army cadet and you will need to re-shrink it)
11) Remove the beret from your head and place on a radiator to dry.
12) When its dry re-fit your shiny beret badge and test drive your newly shaped beret.

Points to note.
At no time when wearing a beret is the back of the beret to be sat lower on your head than the front.

Your beret is always to be parallel with your shoulders (otherwise it looks like dads army)

Beret badge''creep'' is the situation where everytime you put your beret on your head ,the badge ''creeps'' slightly to the left .This is acceptable as lonf as it doesnt go to far round your head.also if the ''joss'' sees it your on your own.

In summary,the way you shape and wear your beret says a lot about you. so if you look a complete [email protected] in it ,well guess what ???? Have a bit of pride in it .We must stamp out the RN's reputation of being crap beret wearers. I am sick of the lads in my troop saying to me whenever we are anyway near sailors in berets ''sgt [email protected]@@@s when you were in the Navy did your beret look as [email protected] as that bunch of matelots there''
Could this be moved to the newbie section please, I think thats where it belongs, along with such throbbers as "tying shoelaces" and "wearing a shirt" :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:


Lantern Swinger
This is one of the best summaries I've seen. Nice one shippers. No chance of the back of my ferret being lower as I shrunk it a bit too much when I did it years ago (oops) :) I've only ever used 1 hot/cold immersion before but I'll be sure to try it this way next time around.

Totally agree that there are too many mushroomheads out there, but this curse seems to especially affect senior occifers - don't they have someone to do it for them?

Here's hoping lots of folk will follow your instructions!
P.S. when you take it off your head and put it on a radiator, try to keep it the shape it was on your head... don't flatten it out and hope for the best!! :)
PAVEWAY_3 said:
It is best to buy a decent one from a tailors.

I got one from the Gieves (the thieves) outlet store at Gunwharf for about £3.00!! Don't wear it though cos only the FOSTies wear them down in Devonport. The scruffy submarine types here tend to wear caps.