How to reverse resignation


I am new to Navy-Net, having registered to try to help my son.
He has completed 6 years service and found himself in a very bad place a while ago. He resigned and his resignation was accepted.
Since then he has sorted himself out and is really positive about staying in the service and making a career of it.
However, he is now told he can't reverse his resignation and he has to go regardless.
He has tried to find a way to deal with this but had no success so far.
Does anyone have any ideas about how this should be dealt with, if it can be.
Very grateful if anyone has any ideas.
Thank you.


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Have a read of Paragraph 5409 here -

The process to follow for those that wish to withdraw their notice is detailed in the reference but that will I’m sure have been followed. I’m afraid there is no right to withdraw notice, as stated at the start of the paragraph;

“5409. Withdrawal of an Application for Early Termination

a. Withdrawal of an Application for Early Termination, once approved, is not a right and, before such a request is granted, consideration will be given to the global manpower situation. Clearance will not normally be forthcoming in branches which are either currently or forecast to go into surplus. Applications from individuals within four months of their termination date are unlikely to be successful; nevertheless the application process outlined below should still be followed”

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