How To Research A WWII Bootie

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by The_Dogs, Feb 12, 2009.

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  1. Hello People

    I'm doing a bit of research for my wife about her Father. The Old lad has been dead just over 23 years now and her mother recently had a stroke. So she (The Old Lass) went to live with the wife's sister. During the clear out of her house, we came across a biscuit tin full of photos of her father - along with some documents. Mainly photos of him in uniform, some with his mates - most in foreign places.

    My wife had always known her father was in the Royal Marines, but from what we can detect - during WWII, he served just about everywhere. Although as far as she can remember - he never talked about it

    So... I have a question... where can we go or who can we contact to find out more about her father's Royal Marine career.

    For what it's worth and I know it probably means little to most people - but from the short time I knew him, he was a good old stick, nice old lad he was.

  2. To enquire about obtaining his service record, give this office a call:

    Disclosure Cell
    MP G-2
    Room 48
    West Battery
    Whale Island
    PO2 8DX

    Telephone Nos. 023 92 628667/8666/8671/8670/8654
  3. Good stuff.


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