How to Produce Multi-Quotes

Discussion in 'Site Issues' started by Joe_Crow, Jan 11, 2011.

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  1. Multiquote.
    Below each post are (amongst other things) three buttons marked 'Reply'(with a curved arrow) 'Reply With Quote' (with a quote box symbol) and then a button with a quote box symbol and a '+'. To multi-quote, click on the 'Quote-box +' button of each post you want to quote, and a tick appears where the + is. Once all the boxes are ticked, click the 'Reply With Quote' button of the last post which you have selected to multi-quote (twice if necessary) and your quotes should appear in the reply box.

    Marking posts as read.
    I highlighted this problem before. Unless someone has already done so, I will start a new thread to bring it to the attention of the COs.

    Edited to add: I started a thread on this a while ago (but gave it a poor title). I have re-titled it, and linked it to this thread.
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  2. Thanks once more Joe, I now understand your origianl advice on this and what the + is for. I was actually tyring to achieve a nested quote ('quote in quote'), which I was wrongly using the term multi quote for. Basically when I click on reply with quote it only selects the post but not the quote which the person I'm quoting has quoted.

    I know nested quotes are annoying especially when reading ona mobile device but it can save time on longer threads becuase you can read linked contributions without trawling back and forth through the pages.
  3. Re nested quotes, I quite like them myself, but more for the comedy value when a series of witty retorts and one liners are strung together. It is posssible to construct nested quotes like

    which I did by pressing the button above the reply box that looks like a speech bubble, which gives the HTML code for the quote box, and then cut'n'pasting the text from the relevant place, to between the two sets of brackets.

    If you want to see which string of posts are being replied to, try changing the way the thread is displayed, by clicking on 'Display▼' at the right hand edge near the top of the thread. You will see three display modes, linear, threaded and hybrid. Select them in turn to see for yourself what they actually do.
  4. Nope I have no such button, either that or I'm going blind / mad / combination of the above..!

    The Display options are interesting but I think I'm definitely a 'linear' man.
  5. 'Combination' would be my guess. After I posted, it occured to me that an easier way would be to multiquote, then cut'n'paste from within the reply box.

    Me too, but I've seen threads on ARRSE where, due to the fact that there are so many dribbling mongs on there, it is nigh-on impossible to work out what questions the retards are answering unless you use the threaded or the hybrid display modes. It's a handy thing to keep in the back of your mind for the times when one spacker is taking on a host of higher life-forms.
  6. Cracked it, but it ain't progress - much preferred being able to just quote and it was done for you! I assume it's down to the threaded mode and being able to click on the quote to go back to view the original post. Your ammend the mutliquote method will work fine when the original posts are on the same page but otherwise it's a lot of phaffing.
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  7. I thought this topic deserved a thread of its own!

    Multi-quotes are one of those things that really divide people. Personally I loathe them when you end up with 15-20 nested posts as we used to get.
  8. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Call it intuition, but my "predictorometer" indicates more on this subject.

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