How to prevent piracy

Quickly writing something serious before Purple_twiglet gashes this; there are big gaps in what we are being told. Did Ivan leave them enough fuel to make land? Did the navigational equipment they didn't have include a magnetic compass (considering that the averge paper readers' navigational knowledge doesn't extend much beyond "Satnav")? Were any of them competent to be in charge of a boat?

Being cast off 300 and a big bit miles from shore isn't that demanding is it? All they had to do was point West and keep going. Not like Capt W Bligh making the 3,600 nm, 47 day voyage to Timor in a 24 ft boat carrying 18 souls.
POL - I tend to agree - they obviously had the nous to get out that far in the first place so it would not be unreasonable to assume they could get back.
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