How to prevent piracy

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Merlin28, May 11, 2010.

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  1. I still think that confiscating their parrots is the best way.

    Removal of wooden legs probably has Human Rights conotations.
  2. Ticking crocodiles is the only language they understand, I tells yer.
  3. Quickly writing something serious before Purple_twiglet gashes this; there are big gaps in what we are being told. Did Ivan leave them enough fuel to make land? Did the navigational equipment they didn't have include a magnetic compass (considering that the averge paper readers' navigational knowledge doesn't extend much beyond "Satnav")? Were any of them competent to be in charge of a boat?

    Being cast off 300 and a big bit miles from shore isn't that demanding is it? All they had to do was point West and keep going. Not like Capt W Bligh making the 3,600 nm, 47 day voyage to Timor in a 24 ft boat carrying 18 souls.
  4. POL - I tend to agree - they obviously had the nous to get out that far in the first place so it would not be unreasonable to assume they could get back.
  5. Unless of course that the chap who was wasted was their navvi ... shame
  6. I wonder how much ordnance you can squeeze into a Radio Beacon?
  7. Ð¾Ñ‚Ð»Ð¸Ñ‡Ð½Ð°Ñ Ñ€Ð°Ð±Ð¾Ñ‚Ð° (good work)!

    He who plays with fire can expect to get burned.

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