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Since a few people have been having trouble posting phots I thought I would create a rough and ready guide as to enhance the banter and enjoyment of everyone here.

Posting phots from the interweb:

Step 1. Find the phot you want using google image search.

Step 2. Click on the pic and select 'see full size image' in the bar at the the top.

Step 3. Right click on the web address bar to highlight the web address and click 'copy'.

Step 4. Go back to Rumration, find the thread you want to post on and click 'post reply' near the bottom left of the screen.

Step 5. On the next screen there is a box to put your text in and some little icons above it, most of these icons should be familiar (Bold, Italic, Underline etc.) The bottom left icon, beneath the Bold one, looks like a little mountain with the sun above it, click this icon.

Step 6. A box should appear that says 'Explorer User Prompt' if this happens skip straight to step 8.

Step 7. If it hasn't appeared there should be a yellow bar that appears at the top of your screen instead, click on it and select the option 'Temporarily Scripted Windows' then click the mountain icon again.

Step 8. Press the CTRL and V buttons on your keyboard at the same time, this will paste the web address for your pic.

Step 9. Click OK in the 'Explorer user prompt' box.

Step 10. Something looking like this should appear in your post:
Write whatever text or caption you want before or after it then click submit.



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Top tip: Occasionally the picture won't come out and something like
will appear in your post.

If this happens click edit then remove all the characters after jpg and before [/img] this should sort it out.


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Posting pictures from your computer or Facebook etc. (Courtesy of MLP)

Step 1. Find the pic you want and if it is not already saved to your 'My Pictures' folder right click on it and click 'save picture as' give it a name and click OK.

Step 2. Open an account with Photobucket, this is free and takes about 3 minutes.

Step 3. On your new Photobucket homepage click the big blue button that says 'Upload Images & Videos.'

Step 4. Your My Pictures folder should appear, click the picture you want to upload.

Step 5. Once the picture has uploaded it will appear on your homepage, move your mouse cursor over the picture and some stuff will appear below the picture.

Step 6. Go down to the bit that says IMG Code, right click on the text and click 'copy'.

Step 7. Go back to Rumration find the thread you want to post on and press CTRL and V together on your keyboard. This will paste another
thing in your post.

Step 8. Click 'submit'.


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