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Discussion in 'Bloody Computers' started by Lamri, Apr 5, 2008.

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  1. I have made this guide to help, but it is just a GUIDE. Different people have different ways of doing things, this is for those that don't know :)

    This guide will take you through from the picture being on your screen to being visible in a post by using the Print Screen Key. Very handy if you are having problems with error messages etc or just want to show off your desktop.

    If you are starting with a photo or image that is ALREADY on your hard drive, then please skip merrily along until we are at the photobucket stage of proceedings.

    Step One

    With the desktop (monitor) showing what you want to make public, press your keyboard Print Screen Key once. The key is the left one of the three on their own (Prt Scr/Sys Rq, Scroll Lock and Pause/Break).

    Run MS Paint.

    Click on Edit, then Paste


    Then Click on File, Save As


    And make sure that it is a Jpeg image (should be, this is default on most PCs) before naming it and saving it somewhere that you can easily find it again (I recommend the Desktop as you are going to upload it).

    Step Two

    Navigate to one of the Online Photo sites, I use PhotoBucket. Free, VERY easy to use, and you can upload Video as well as Pictures :)


    When you have registered, go to MY ALBUM on the website, and click on the "Browse" button. As you can see, you can upload three at a time if you need to, but for this we are only doing one.


    Navigate to the picture that you wish to upload - In this case a phot of my daughter eating/wearing Spag Bol :D


    Then just click on the "Upload" button unless you want to add a title.


    Once Uploaded, you can play around with the image, add names and descriptions etc, or just save and continue.


    The image is now viewable in your album. To show it on a site such as this one, you need to tell the server where to get the photo from by copying the image code.


    Left Click on IMG Code then Right click and select COPY. When you left click on IMG Code a box will come up saying COPIED but ignore it and do your own copy to be safe.


    All you need to do then is go to the Forum or Thread that you wish to post the picture in, right click, and select PASTE. Voila! One picture of a mucky little Cow!!


    Hope you find this helps :)
  2. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Testing, testing, ...


    .. got one of those little red crosses instead.
  3. You've done something wrong then.
  4. 'pon my word! Very Useful.
  5. I thought I'd cracked it but my picture's upside down!

  6. If you click on the "edit" link on top of your picture in Photobucket, you can change its orientation there :)

    Should be a similar option if you use a different website for your pictures.
  7. Gotcha! Take a closer look at the piccie. :dwarf:
  8. Oh you sod!

    Nice one!
  9. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    Something appeared? So that is the easy way. Cheers.
  10. The ability to upload from anywhere seems to have left the building. Tried from home, tried from here
    and I'm still getting error messages or an upload tracker that gets to 90% before an error message

    I'm selecting, pressing and doing exactly the same stuff that I have always done, haven't changed
    any settings to the (best of my knowledge) but this snag persists.

    Assistance please?
  11. [​IMG]

    Billy, I've just uploaded two images.
    1st one is directly from google images using the image icon on the menu bar in the 'reply to thread' box.
    2nd image uploaded from my hard drive using the 'Upload a file' button.

    I'm using Firefox if that helps.
  12. Will give it a try.

    Cheers mate.
  13. [​IMG]

    I'm sad to say....that it works.
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  14. That's got to be one helluva TV to take the weight of that aerial :eek:

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