How to pick up women.

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by NotmeChief, Jun 15, 2009.

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  1. I had this spam this morning:

    "She reveals all the juicy secrets that women will NEVER tell you and she does it with a smile on her face.
    No wonder women have tried to have her guide banned.
    Definitely worthy of a perfect score!

    This site contains all of the sneaky little tips and tricks to use to pick-up and seduce women.
    My proven-to-work tips cover all of the basics, so this is a great starting point for new pick up artists.
    Attract women like a magnet with these techniques!


    It must be a very small book. All you have to do is open your wallet and they flock around.

    I have left in the address for those poor barstewards who can't pull.
  2. A guide to pick up and seduce women? It is not that hard, we aren't that complex and pretty much want the same thing (well from what I have seen of my friends and I) . Make us laugh, compliment us, and listen to what we say ( ie take an interest). Job done.
  3. And of course being devastatingly handsome helps aswell!! :D 8O :roll:
  4. As you would know XRD being essence..!
  5. That i do!!!

    8) 8)
  6. Just sit in the corner and lick your for me!!!
  7. Bend your knees; not your back!
  8. Or just don't pull a biffer to start with!! 8O :D
  9. Fair point. The story of my life!


  10. And that sums my point up about firemen so eloquantly. How is that maintaining her dignity??

    mind you come to think of it who cares what an arse!!! :D
  11. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    Sorry, Welshy, but to use the technical term you are talking b*llocks. Aside from shoes and handbags you seldom want the same thing, in fact most of you aren't sure exactly what you do want most of the time, and as for not being complex!!! :roll: Do me a favour! :wink:
  12. Ha, ok. Maybe me and my friends are a rare breed in that we want the same thing. We also all want a man to go off with his mates on nights out etc and give us some space. I do know of women who wouldn't like that though!
  13. Crikey i'll PM you my number!!! 8)

    Oh shit i'm getting married soon!! 8O :? :?
  14. Perfect man for me is one who doesn't live too close to me. I like a man who has his own interests. I would expect that if a sporting occasion is on that a man would go on an all dayer etcas I love sport too so would likely be doing the same with my friends. If you don't have your own lives, then you would have nothing to talk about!
  15. Cokk and money....that's all the dirty fukking sluts really want. At the end of the day the money gives them access to all the really important things that they crave, like shoes , handbags, expensive holidays, spa resorts and lifetime financial security etc etc. Don't give me all that fukking tripe about wanting love, romance, friendship, humour and someone to cuddle up to, you whores. You'd fukk us over at every opportunity if you could, you can't help it, it's in your genetic make up. That's why you're vermin and need to be treated as such.....shallow and materialistic cum guzzling sperm banks, that's all you are. If a man hasn't got a fat bank balance or a cokk like an elephants leg, then you're just not interested. It's a good fukking job I'm rigged like a fukking stallion (a stallion that's got an exceptionally huge schlong, I may hasten to add) or I wouldn't be the kunt magnet that I am.
    As for picking women up....what's wrong with a balaclava, a length of lead pipe (to stun and momentarily confuse the bitch), a hessian sack (to drag over her head) and some long tie wraps (to subdue the slut). Once she's bound and you fukking go! And don't tell me they don't fukking love being anally abused and raped. It's one of the most commonest female fantasies FFS....the dirty old fukking spunkers!
  16. The reason your perfect man wouldn't live too close to you is so that you get porked by all and sundry without him finding out. You would only like him to go on all dayer so that you could invite all the local crackheads round to give you a jizz shower while he was away and the only sport you love is watersports.........which may just be your one redeeming feature!
  17. What he said!! 8O 8O
  18. Mr Jeremy, it's good to see you back.
  19. If visiting Portsmouth, try a fork lift truck. :lol:
  20. Deserts are always a sure fire method.

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