How to pass the psychometric test the 2nd time


Hey ,
So basically last September I had applied to be a Warfare Specialist and in November I sat the test and failed by 4 marks , i'm sure it was the maths part that let me down, I've always been terrible at it. I have just reapplied for the navy so I will probably get a date for the test pretty soon! I have been studying for the test but the booklet they gave me last year wasn't that much help to me. I really want to pass it this time as they said if I fail it again then there's no more chances.
I just want to know if anyone has any advice on what I could do or if there was anything that was useful to use to make sure I pass this time round, I would be devastated if I failed again. Thanks :)


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Time yourself when doing the practise test , use BBC bitesize to buff up the maths, when you do the test again if you come to a difficult question that could take more time than you can manage skip it and carry on , if there is time come back to try the question again.
Good luck.


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Use the search function and find the main sticky thread all about psychometric tests.

Or perhaps someone with a heart might post a link.


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Good advice Stirl. Divide number of questions by time allowed in mins, that will give you mins per question, be brutal to yourself, do not waste time on a tough question, those you do quicker will give you time to come back, there is some thought that when you read the question the first thing you think of is normally the correct answer, do not try and second guess what you think the marker wants to see, just put down what you think is correct.
Just put psychometric tests in to the search box top right of page.
Good luck


I bought psychometric tests for dummies and found that it was quite good for helping me get used to reading thinking answering the questions within a short space of time similar to the tests you are working too, There was other links on here to similar tests just use the search function and it should lead you there and good luck


Best advice I could give has pretty much already been said, if you don't get the answer straight away move to the next question and so on and then go back to them once you reach the end, at one point in mine I left like 8 empty in a row after panicking a little, after going back over them managed to to fill in most of them pretty easily


I am revising atm and the advice i have been given is to revise against the clock. Time is said to be the worst part, and to go back as someone has said and do the ones you dont know after. Good luck, let us know how you get on :)!!!

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