How to make internet friends

Witsend a wee Scottish bastard,
Enjoyed winding newbies up tight,
He'd not back away and he oft times did say,
That the bastards were all talking shite.

He soon got himself a large fan club,
They all seem to love him to death,
On ROMFT they would sure like to help that along,
And part the poor sod from his breath.

So Wits tells us all he is sorry,
He says that he rolls with the swell,
He's sorry he upset the ROMFT lads alone,
he was trying for the arrse forum as well.

We heard wits was falling in love once,
Its true but on closer inspection,
Twas the mirror it seems, and in his wet dreams,
He fucked off with his own reflection.


They all need some education,
they all need some mind control,
Stop telling them to shove their Irons,
Up their tea towel holder hole,
Hey Witsend leave them kids alone,
Hey Witsend leave them kids alone,
All in all your driving Ninja man up the wall:laughing2:
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IIRC Wits chased AAC off RR onto ROMFT way back.

Whatever is he doing over there? Apologising? Rekindling that friendship?

(I'd have a look myself but their lurker barrier has slammed down.)


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They haven't been misbehaving on the "name that ship" thread have they? There'll be spilt cyber tots everywhere.

I might have to sign up again and have a peep.


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As usual it started as a feed of shite in a thread started back in March where diesel thought he was banned from RR.

Monty then quite rightly resurrected it after he read some post slagging him off. Along it goes until nutty pops up spinning his usual dit about being too good for RR and only logging on 5 times since he left to find a lost oppo. He informs the forum that a newbie, NewRecruit1245 (And posts his hotmail address) has complained about a post by cunt in the thread. Then I'm named along with others by the romfter Peebs. It quickly descends into romft rocks, RR sucks, they are so rude, they are bullies, that never happened in my time, blah blah blah.

It rolls on for another couple of days until Tanzi decides to start a thread in a few RR forums with cunts post. Then 2DD and myself turn up and quickly make some new internet friends. We also find out that the famous old romft saying 'everyone is welcome' is maybe not so true.

Top post from the thread,

"This thread is epic, I love the way that half the people whinging about some nasty words on the internet are probably the same lads who lived in 1970s and 80s mess decks, where bullying and violence was rife. I suppose beating the sprogs up down the mess is just a bit of harmless fun eh? Little bit of banter? Character building? In today's Navy (and wider forces) people gob off at each other, people call each other cunts and people joke about things like suicide.

We don't batter each other though, except on rare occasion, and we don't use violence to punish those beneath us, which I know you lot did 'back in the day.'

Different times, different Navies, different worlds".
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