How to make contact with the CO?

Discussion in 'Site Issues' started by NotmeChief, Sep 13, 2010.

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  1. NotmeChief

    NotmeChief Banned

  2. JonnoJonno

    JonnoJonno Banned

  3. NotmeChief

    NotmeChief Banned

    Tks Jonno.
  4. Hermes_R12

    Hermes_R12 Badgeman

    Yeah this guy is bang out of order - you'l have seen my comments. We've all got a sense of humour but this is outright insensitive and offensive.

    Lets get rid.
  5. bigglesbandicoot

    bigglesbandicoot War Hero

    What a prize cock can him
  6. JonnoJonno

    JonnoJonno Banned

    Disagree. I don't agree with the comment, but I would be lying if I didn't chuckle a little before realising it was utterly inappropriate.

    I think he could do some good work under a tag. Just remove his posts.

    I'll groom him.
  7. I must admit that the twonk has reminded me to look at the DTG before making a Post.

    I would suggest that it's too late to usefuly delete his offerings but at least he could benefit for "look at me I'm twat" marker.
  8. Evil_Adjutant

    Evil_Adjutant New member

    It has been taken care of.

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