How to make a *Submarine Museum* (Indian style)

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by BillyNoMates, Sep 8, 2008.

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  1. Oh dear... Perhaps the Canadian museum people can call in some Indian expertise to assist? ^~ I remember having several cleansing ales aboard Onandaga in Pearl Harbour once. Sad to see her condition now. (At least I think it was Onadaga, may have been Okanagan - all sound the same after a beer or two :) )
  2. Can't see that happening in UK somehow.
    The H&S fascists would have a field day:

    No Hi vis vests
    No protective footwear
    No protective headgear

    and that's just for starters:

    Union involvement (to ensure the correct persons were carrying out the work - demarcation and all that ;) )
    Hazard pay (might be some dirty's in the bulkheads / fuel systems etc)

    Mind you, there seemed to enough managers hanging around at the bow area directing the operations ( bit like the Civil service all grade 7s and no workers !! cough* cough* ).

    Having said that, perhaps we ought to get them over here to save some of our older warship musems from being scrapped ??

  3. I think whitemouse is exactly right. Top marks to the Indians for drive, determination and initiative.

    It's only just over 90 years ago, we had a similar sense of purpose and commitment. Leaving aside the 2nd Boer War and the Navy moving field artillery pieces through near impossible terrain the hard way, they moved entire gun-boats overland. Lt.Cdr. Spicer-Simson's expedition to Lake Tanganyika in 1915;

    Please be assured that I'm not proposing Thread drift. I would observe, though, that it is such an Indian mindset, untrammelled by HSAW rules and Environmental protection needs, will industrially swamp Europe in due course.

  5. ...and on the left is the caps lock button.. :thumright:

    Oh the irony...pmsl
  6. I like it, perhaps we could do the same with a Type 42 at Stokes Bay!
  7. After the planning application had been approved, of course. Anyway, I'm not sure there are enough Indians in Gosport to do it at the moment.
  8. Much along these lines, I saw a documentary a while ago about a shipbreakers yard in India. The ships were simply driven up onto the beach and loincloth clad and sandal wearing Indians then swarmed all over them with cutting gear. No safety equipment or much of a master plan, there were deaths and serious injuries every day. However it was cheap and fast, and the yard was doing a roaring trade.

    A western yard will never be able to compete with a setup like this, and when money is everything to the shipowners the poor bastards doing this job will continue to be exploited.
  9. :elephant:

    I noticed that, did you try it? Because if you had of, you would have noticed that the offending pics disappear, so why bother...
  10. I kept one eye partly open, does that count?

    Sad sight, even to a light blue job like me.
  11. What makes it even worse is they had the temerity to place the name RIMOUSKI in big white letters on the tower, just great, every Francophinie is going to think the name of the boat is RIMOUSKI...ffs.... :pukel:
  12. Probably Alang - a nightmare on Earth. Conditions horrendous. All types
    of ship end up beached there, in preparation for dismantling.

    The beach: (and not a sunbed and umbrella in sight):-
  13. Allowing you to click on the link which brings them back again.

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