How to learn to hate.

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Rumrat, Apr 1, 2010.

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  1. Have you ever read or seen something that's made you react and do a completely stupid thing.
    Recently I read a thread from Bergen extolling the merits of seafaring,and I was so impressed, I decided to emulate his adventure.
    Bad decision, he got tropical calm sea's, I got the North sea.
    Bergen you bastard, I have never been so fuckin ii'll in years, why would you do that to me.
    I now hate Norway, Denmark and Sweden, MFV's and shaggin salt water.
    The flying fish all now hate me, for two days of relentless spewing on them and my missus thinks I am ready to star in a dementia advert.
    I am about £1,000 worse off and you are about to laugh your c0ck off.
    I think I hate you. 8O :D :wink:
  2. One born every minute :roll:

    Has that money come through from Nigeria yet?
  3. No mate but it's come through from the criminal compensation board, want a loan, only 5%. :wink:
  4. Sorry, let me get this straight. YOU paid SOMEONE else so YOU could go on a boat and go to sea :scratch: .

    I would never have believed a forum post could lower my estimation of anyone so quickly and you clearly deserved your fish food punishment :pukeleft:
  5. you should know what a lying f***er Bergs is, all his sea time is on the gosport ferry FFS.... As your hoop met your throat for the 36th time, was the noise anything like "Buh UH ERRRRRRRRRERGGGGGGGGGGGzzzzzz ahhh".....
  6. I'm afraid piracy is now very much illegal and very hard to accomplish in Hull, so we took the old fashioned route and chartered the bastard thing.

    Given my time over, I would in fact pick the bastard on here I like least and pay for them to go.
    A fookin great storm in the middle of the north sea in March in an MFV size boat ain't my idea of a way to have fun anymore. It was like being back doing mail transfers in a whaler during winter on the Beria patrol.
    I spewed up things I never ate. 8O
    I was only ever sick once in 24 years until that fuckin exploit. :roll: :oops:
  7. If it didn't have carrots in it, it doesn't count (tomato skins are worth half points)
  8. All the usual suspects were present and correct, but there were alien unidentified objects lurking.
    The fish were well fed for two days, although the funny thing was the sickness went as quick as it came.
    I bet all the fish half a day out from Hull are now recovering alcoholics, or getting withdrawal symptoms from Pernod deprivation. :twisted: :D
  9. Reminds me of a Kenny Everett sketch. Sid Snot and another bloke are throwing up over the side on a cross channel ferry. A bloke walks past and says to Sid "weak stomach mate" Sid Snot replies "Naaah I'm throwing it as far as he is"
  10. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

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