how to improve 3 miler time

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by scriv184, Jul 24, 2008.

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  1. at the moment im running 3 miles in around 21 mins 37 secs,i want to get it down to 20 mins.any tips or training programs i can follow?during the week i work as tree surgeon so not always got much energy.i cant seem to get my time any quicker. :rambo:
  2. I'm no expert but I'd say you'd probably be best off doing fartlek training, it's good for muscles and cardiovascular. Basically starting off at your normal running speed, then for periods of 50 odd meters running at a quicker speed, add some hills into the run as well.

    Hope it helps
  3. Hey m8. What you have to do and it does help is to eat the right stuff. If you have a 400 meter track near you - run for 100 meters, sprint 100 meters and so on and to belief it or not it works. I would advice you visit which is a site for people like yourself wanting to become the best of the best the royal marines - hell yeah lol. This is not what you should do, im just saying what helped me.
  4. I asked an ex-CPTI this when I wanted to do just that. And his words? If I want to get better at shagging I practice a lot. If I want to run quicker I do the same.

    On further investigation I think he meant practice running rather than practice shagging.

    It worked for me. I was able to get my RFL time down from 45 to 35 mins just by training.
  5. If you are knackered when you train try training at a different time, say before you go to work, or at lunch time. One of my mates who does fell running used to run the 4-5 miles to work every day.
  6. il try the fartlek and i also give prmc site a try cheers
  7. Smoke less,drink less booze and stop eating pies and try running for a change!
  8. dont smoke dont drink and eat pretty 5ft 6 and weight ten stone and i always run,

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