How to hide drunkness

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Merlin28, Aug 22, 2010.

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  1. As the title suggests I am pissed at work what ways do you lot find are best at disguising the dact. I have brushed my teeth adn had a aftershave bath. Anymore suggestions?
  2. Grab some paperwork. Then walk purposely around until you find somewhere to get your tired little head down. Works for me. :lol:
  3. Keeping your mouth shut always helps.
  4. Heres hoping your not steering the ship!
  5. Find an A.T.U. and a rag bale....job done

    PS Being p****d at work is WRONG
  6. Here here.
  7. Losers!! I am not in charge of anything remotley important or dangerous so what's the harm? It's just the result of last night I am not completely wrecked just a bit off my game.
  8. Calm down dear... :lol:
  9. Smash yourself in the groin repeatedly.
    Not only will the pain induce vomiting which will void your body of alcohol, but hopefully repeated abuse of your teste will render you impotent so that your utter mongness will not be able to further infect the gene pool.

    PS F0ck off and die you weak afterbirth spasm.

    PPS I'm not sitting on the fence.
  10. That was beautiful.
  11. For the first time ever I feel unable to abuse the OP. Quite simply, NZB has summed it up magnificently.
  12. I do what I can with the limited resources the Corps left me, a splash of general sacasm and a soupcon of verbal abuse. :twisted:
  13. I have learned well at the altar of your Temple of Abuse, Obi Wan.

    Your generous praise aside, I don't wish this thread to descend into a happy back slapping sesh in which the OP is allowed to slip away with his limited integrity intact.
    FFS it's Merlinwizardssleeve of the gash teeth. And this thread is even pishpoorer than his other twatishness.
    Therefore. Brass the cnut up.

  14. Why would you even need to hide it anyway? It can only be for one reason:

    A. You are a fucking fanny and were visually id'd gipping up both of the Blue WKDs you struggled to drink over a six hour period while the grown ups got shittered. Now, you are nursing a beermouse hangover and are rightfully embarrassed at being a complete ale tart. The fact that you are a WAFU marks this out as doubly embarrassing as those around you are fat drinking biffs who believe it is acceptable to skulk off home at 1700 during a DTS and are the first to cry when forced to drink with proper matelots in a messdeck.

    I suggest you eat your own pelvis until you die because you are a cockwit.
  15. Not WAFU no hangover yet. Define Cockwit it makes no sense you spawn of a hippo yarn dwarf spakker.
  16. It is a targetted observation outlining the fact that you have the wit of a cock you moronic, dentally challenged kidbelly.

    Now go play on the propguard.
  17. What's a propguard?
  18. Of all the myriad ways to play this game to your advantage, you had to choose a response of such utter bellendary that I fear for the future of the Navy.
  19. In the nightmarish event that I ever find myself on the same 42 as you, I will show you. Preferably mid-atlantic at 24 knots.
  20. Messy! :p

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