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Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by Rumrat, Sep 15, 2009.

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  1. I think that certain parts of the population should work much harder so that my pension could be raised.
    With the extra cash I could become more rum sodden, and maybe stretch my finances so that I could have three holidays instead of the paltry two I Have to make do with.
    I do find six or seven weeks at a time is not nearly long enough. It is such an utter chore to have to pop back to cut the lawn during the summer, so tiring and detracts from the important things in life like tot's and sleeping.
    If necessary they should raise income tax to 35% to pay for it.
    Do you think I have it right? or am I being too generous and maybe it should be 37%.
    Maybe the working week could be raised back to six days or 50hrs over 5 which ever would suit those working people.
  2. Mischievous old fart :wink:

  3. MOI? :oops:
  4. That's the spirit, good man, I would like to think of you as a serving man looking at all the young victims, sorry I meant to say contributors, and thanking the odd one in anticipation.
    I always said you could count on a Booty :thumbup:
  5. I think it should be seriously considered for about 7-10 years before the legislation is finalised.
  6. Guzz, don't get into a panic there matey, I am talking Naval pension, not OAP, I am not near that yet.
    I do contribute to the national Euthanasia fund ,as as you will know, is not just aimed at the termination of old f*rts. I am hoping to make a gift to someone when my credits have grown a little.
    So there you have it, if some of the lazy youngsters will just work that little bit harder we could have a better life.
    I am sick of roughing it in a two year old car, I think I should be given assistance to buy new every year. It would even help the economy by keeping the workers busy.
  7. Ah yes, but my salary is considerably more than my pension (fortunately) so, if I understand correctly, I'm better off as it is.

    Four and a half years to index linked though - ask me again then!

    But then again, after recent shenanigans, we are jesting are we not? I don't want to get dragged into drunk/sober, tiddly uniforms/crap 'new' rig, cold war/lots of war arguments.

    Been a bit surprised at the venom on here (not directed at anyone in particular I hasten to add), so keeping a low profile.
  8. Yes but the venom can be dealt with. Immunisation, a liberal dose of laughter especially at one's self, and it bounces off, so every ""important person is just in their own mind.

    For many years since leaving the Andrew I have had periods of sobriety, and was able to drive Ambulances to within a mile or two of where they were needed and treat sick people. Some of them lived. 8O I believe I am called a para, paralytic,......paraplegic, some thing like that.
    Ahhhhh, that's it a paramedic, but now I want to be a parasite and be kept.
    So yes its a joke as is life. :wink:
  9. It is indeed Rumrat - excuse my apparent seriousness, not been the best of days.
  10. No prob's we all have bad one's. :cry:
  11. How does that work, I have to use a calculator 8O
  12. Like any man, you can get to 21, women just 20 :roll: :wink:

    And I hope that no one who should be working today is loafing, think of our pensions, I should hate to have to work again. :relax: :D
  13. I think that those guys on boats should pay more tax to help with the increase in RN pensions,why not,after all they are on good money and i am sure they wouldnt mind helping the old and bold out,
  14. That makes really good sense Chris, they do say Idol hands do the devils work, so in a roundabout way we would be doing the RN a favour.
    Admittedly it would do us no harm either so all in all a cracking idea. :thumbup:

    Just a quick thought, how about instead of increasing tax, they could impose a Levi on service personnel, say a percentage of their pay, to boost pensions.
    When it became their turn to draw pension they would benefit themselves.
    It would relieve the tax burden on civvies which would raise their PI and would give us the extra cash we need for a more leisurely life style :D :D :wink:
  15. I must say you are onto somthing here Rumrat person,i am going to dig a little deeper and find out some info on Submariners and there pay scales,things are looking up 8)

  16. Er, well yes, there are some who would like to help the Old and Bold out alright, out of existence. 8O :cry:

    But that ain't gunna happen cus we have our pensions, unlimited funds, to escape them. Also I got rifles. :twisted: :wink:
  17. And those that choose to live abroad should have their pensions capped so they get the same pension every year, any rises could go back into the pot for us saddo's that still live here trying to keep pace with Broon's taxes...bargain

    Standing by for incoming
  18. You mean they (modern RN types) want to get rid of us,do us in,slott us,send us packing,well ferkme with a pine apple,thats not nice, :?
  19. :twisted: I have had to cut back to a paltry three holidays and forced to take one of them in the U.K. for fcuks sake ! :( What is the world coming to? think that Rum Rat is a wishy washy liberal;- nothing less than back to back 168 hour working weeks with tax at 75% :evil: To keep us old and bold in the manner we deserve. We have only five pensions between us and you just do not understand the stress :( Of waking in the morning and having to decide if go roll over for another couple of hours takes on oneself. I'm going to write to Jeremy Kyle and appear on Trisha about it. One sees such a nice class of person on these shows :x In fact I'm off to buy a new baseball cap! 8)
  20. I'm going to write to Jeremy Kyle and appear on Trisha about it. One sees such a nice class of person on these shows In fact I'm off to buy a new baseball cap!

    I really dont know where he finds these people ,ive seen clips from these shows on Swedish tv,makes one glad one lives in Noggie the Nog land :wink:

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