How to go about cleaning Caps, Plastic?


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Hello all,

Just wondering if anybody has any good tips/methods for cleaning issue plastic caps as wiping with a warm cloth doesn't seem to work at all.

Thanks to anyone who replies,



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We used to use toothpaste.Works quite well.Also Tippex fir those wee sopts you cant get rid of.Dint get the toothpaste on the cap band though its a sod to get off!


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What you need is a bar of Vanish soap.

Dip the bar of soap in warm water, rub on to cap, rinse off. It will come up sparkling white, be careful not to get any soap residue on to your cap tally though. (Good idea to remove the cap tally when cleaning to avoid this.)
Get a nail scrubbing brush and use ordinary soap --scrub the cap then rinse it off and dry it . Don't use detergent cos it will end up going yellow eventually.

Though all your kit was return and get a new one anyway
letthecatoutofthebag said:
I never worked out why people recommended toothpaster - never worked on mine, though I use aquafresh and the red and blue stripes probably didn't help.

Now I know where I went wrong using Mouthwash !!


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When said tooth paste i meant the old fashioned powder kind not the modern paste stuff.I think it was called Eucryl.

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Always used a nail scrubbing brush and normal soap. Top it off we used white shoe whitner stuff, but make sure it's good water proof stuff and that it dries before the rain! Keep it clean, I brough a shower cap and placed my cap in there until I wore it.
Jenny's advice sounds very sensible... just remember to remove the shower cap before you don your lid! :wink: If you forget, please send me a photo of the parade...
Always remember to take the cap tally off prior to any cleaning evolution.

For a really pukka tight cap tally hold your cap (with tally on - tied with nice bow) over a steaming kettle and rotate through the steam. The tally will shrink to your cap before your very eyes.