How to get something free from a store

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by Nails, May 21, 2009.

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  1. Go into a store and purchase one or two expensicve items
    Levae the store and give the items to your mate waiting outside
    Go bhack into the store with the receipt and pick up the EXACT same items off the shelf that you just bought
    Take these items to the counter you just bought the other ones from
    Display your receipt and ask for a refund

    Your mate still has the items outside and you get your refund. You need to do this in a shop that's busy and that doesn't have security tags on the items. But big shops like debenhams are great for it. We got loads of cookery and kitchen stuff for our parents for christmas presents for free last christmas doing this trick. Me and the lads do it all the time. Do it in a city you don't go to often though as if your acts are discovered on CCTV you will be long gone by the time they see your face.
  2. Are you taking orders for next crimbo?
  3. Why has this been moved?
  4. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    because it is both dull and irrelevant.....
  5. Because it's shite
  6. It was moved cos you are not bright enough to come up with something that is legal.

    For example.

    I took my new phone into a Vodafone shop to get something fixed and complained cos I'd had to bring it back.

    I got a new Bluetooth headset for my trouble.

    That's the way to do it.
  7. 'How to get something free from a store'. Translation :' How to steal something from a store'.

    Method :
    -Go into a store and purchase one or two expensicve items
    -Levae the store and give the items to your mate waiting outside
    -Go bhack into the store with the receipt and pick up the EXACT same items off the shelf that you just bought
    -Take these items to the counter you just bought the other ones from
    -Display your receipt and ask for a refund

    This practice makes you a common thief. Not clever.:evil: :roll:
  8. I think you should consider yourself fortunate it was moved to the Gash Barge instead of deleted entirely!

  9. I would support deletion - fcuking mong.
  10. Isn't this the numpty with the bald tyres on his car? Why do we have to put up with such rubbish? Moderator - please moderate, permanently if possible!
  11. They can't - they are afraid of him.
  12. Why? In case he uses some of his supposed cage fighting moves on them?
    COME ON!!!
    S******g when running, cage fighting, bald tyres.
    The only one i believe is the first one and that's because of all the s**t he spouts when he opens his mouth.
  13. Shagging when running ? I take it she fiolds down nicely back into the box afterwards ?

    Nails, look....enjoy the site, you don't have to impress anyone, OK ? Just add your tuppenceworth or whatever and be part of the group......T x :wink:
  14. Not, apparently, if he claims some official unable to put their side of the story, told him to do it. Then all he needs to do is give a qualified, begrudging apology, whilst trying to pass the buck, and pay his ill gotten gains back and all will be hunky dory again!

    Nails, If you don't stop winding up the old and bold, I'll have to tell them which constituency you are MP for! :twisted:
  15. If you look back through his threads Nails poo's himself everytime he runs down to the sweetie shop :lol:
  16. Well, as long as he wipes front to back, followed by a wetwipe, I see no harm....actually, the rudiments of shitting pale into insignificance when contemplating the delights of sniffing a sweaty bum crack or, indeed, ones own smeg......though certain procedures need be put in place if doing so in the local Spar......stand away from the security mirror and all that.....maintenance of standards at all times, only permissable evidence being the pungent waft of crack cheese as you hand over cash to shopowner........ :lol:

    No wonder the Great British Public face a demise of the corner shop...... 8O
  17. No where, but nowhere in the world can I be so rancid as on RR....RumRation, I LOVE YOU !!!! :love4:
  18. I bet you're a dirty little minx between the sheets or have I just come alongside fantasy island again :oops:
  19. 8O
    Why Wrecky , I never knew you cared.... :oops: 8O . I thought matelots would shag corpses if duty demanded...( a goodly number of those can be found at 'Emma's ' on a Saturday night)....I went for a job there but they turned me down. My roots weren't bad enough. :oops:

    In replying, I am trying to take on board the fact that you are a sensitive Piscean, possibly all at sea ( literally or otherwise) and face the nightly issue of having to wank off in a combined bunk space. So.I shall tread carefully all over your pubescent dreams. :wink:

    Grandma's expression, ' Those who do, don't talk' is never more apt than at this moment and, considering there may come a day those on RR may become more than just nameless, I take the 5th on that for now :D :wink:

    However- speaking hypothetically of course - 'Energy and Input ', relies entirely on the willingness of the broncho in hand to cavort shamelessly around floorspace wearing nothing but a tuxedo and horns to the delicate sound of a whip cracking across his arse (lovingly of course) :lol: , with me in a furry stetsen and cowboy boots.

    The ability to induce orgasm by reciting the Laws of Relativity over an omlette is a distinct advantage. Failing that, a decent-sized cock usually suffices as a supplementary instrument, but as supplies cannot be assured these days, a hoofing great fist will do. :lol:

    Whilst my experience of said gents is zero, I understand from the whooping that echoed from the hallowed halls of Sultan come Friday night, that the above demands can be met by any officer with a 'stiff upper 'enough to cope for Queen and Country.

    You should be aware that hours can be unsociable and the successful applicant able to respond at a moment's notice to any and all demands, whilst providing and engaging in abstract conversation
    Therefore, the ability to multitask is essential.

    Any candidates wishing to apply need to present a full and recent CV, picture and brief description as to why they feel they would be suitable for the job.

    Hope that answers your question. I'm off to bed.Alone, save for the fact I know I can sleep well having done my duty for serving personnel everywhere. :D
  20. 'There's a reward on offer here. I'll share my Friday tot, Wrecky (my bedwarmer) and Tally (my bedwarmer's companion) with whoever solves the mystery of the missing Nutty. '

    Thingy posted this about his missing fruit and nuts......Wrecky - how could you ? I've heard of 'Five Have Fun in a Bed' but this really takes the taffy !

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