How to get NVQ`s since leaving the MOB?

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by fozmonster, Dec 27, 2013.

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  1. I left the mob last year and since discovered I didn`t get awarded my NVQ 3 electrical and mechanical engineering! I was a POMEM(L) and I`m sure I wrote a cheque to cover the mechanical NVQ as that was what I was told at the time to do, it was about 4 or 5 years ago. How do I go about trying to get these awards, I`ve read on this forum that some people think they`re not worth the paper they`re written on, but I can assure you I won`t get the next Job I`m after if I don`t have them. All help appreciated.
  2. Me's I'm not sure, I know collingwood has an NVQ CELL were I got mine as a WE. Maybe you could contact them.

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  3. I still have mine from Sultan,I left the mob 5 years ago will dig out the certificate tomorrow and see if there is a contact address

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  4. Thanks BARNEYRNSM, I`d really appreciate that.
  5. A level 3 engineering qual is very useful in civvystrasse btw.

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  6. I think I need a level three in how to get past the recruitment agency fine mesh filtering system.
  7. Have found the certificate it only says flagship training limited HMS Sultan,try ringing MOD exchange and ask for flagship at Sultan,someone who answers will hopefully know which department you need.

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  8. Flagship no longer exists. It's been replaced by either Interserve or Babcock, depending which part of the contract each one wanted.
  9. Ok then ask for NVQ department at Sultan,how things change in five years!

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  10. FM

    It might be worthwhile giving the NRIO at HMS Nelson a ring on 02392 724127 - you should at least be able to get the details of whomever you need to speak to via them.
  11. Thanks for the help, I`ll be phoning Nelson when I get home later this month
  12. Two hopes, just met Bob on 5 deck.

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