how to get a degree whilst in the navy?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by 2cool, Nov 29, 2012.

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  1. Can anyone with a-levels get a degree whilst in the navy?
  2. OMM

    OMM War Hero

    I'm not certain on the procedure but I know as you rank up you will have opportunities to build up to a degree depending on your branch.

    You earn NVQs at increasing levels and at a certain rank will be open to the opportunity of a degree.

    I'm not 100%. Someone in the know will give you a definitive answer.
  3. Try studying hard!:toothy10:

    If you want a degree, talk to the education folk when in and they will point you in the right direction.

    You planning to be a bottle washer. Most of the young-uns I know with degrees have massive paying jobs as galley slaves or the like!
  4. What OMM is alluding to is if you join as an ET, whether Air, Marine or Weapons Engineering, you get a foundation degree when you reach CPO. All other branches can get a degree via the OU, in whatever subject floats your boat, the same as everyone else in the UK.
  5. As WreckerL mentions, there are certain branch-specific degrees such as in Engineering.

    There are particular links with the Universities of Plymouth and Portsmouth and the OU:

    Sailor on way to becoming officer | This is Exeter

    University and Royal Naval College join forces

    Royal Navy officers graduate with Foundation Degree in Military Aviation Studies | Platform | Open University

    There are non-branch specific opportunities via the OU too:

    OU courses for the Navy | Career development defence community: The Open University
  6. Also note that most degrees in the mob not career specific are distant or link learning which needs a fair bit of planning and your time, so get all your basic and career training and the OD out of the way before you commit to what can be a long path to a degree
  7. OMM

    OMM War Hero

    As I'm hoping to join as a WE what is the actual specific degree that you can achieve under that branch?
  8. No. Study with the OU is strictly prohibited within the Royal Navy.

    Really. It is.
  9. woah woah woah. Just dug up this information about my branch (meteorology)

    Hydrographic And Meteorology Officer Non Grad Entry| Royal Navy

    turns out i can apply to go in as an officer without a degree. I have a-levels in maths physics german georgraphy and general studies so qualification wise im up for it, ofc whether im suitable in other aspects is another question.

    despite all previous stick on here about me being unsure whether to be an officer, what wiould happen if i were to go to afco tomorrow and say i want to be an officer in this branch? ( i would give it more thought than a nights sleep ive been unsure for the last 6 months what route i want to go down) dont wanna f**k my application up after waiting a year and a half already now :S

    im not looking to reduce my waiting times, but equally i dont want to be boosting it 5 years when im unsure if it would be the right path. what would swapping to this route instead of joining as able rate be? Or could i simply go down this path after joining as an able rate?
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  10. NOTHING - it will be Sunday you spaz!
  11. saw that one coming!
  12. If you were to speak to your CA tomorrow and say that you were interested in applying to be an Officer, your score for the RT would have to be looked at to verify whether it reached that required of Officer applicants. If it did and you could fulfil other requirements, such as the UCAS point requirement and the eyesight requirement, you would have to be Sift interviewed by the Area Careers Liaison Officer. If you passed the Sift, you would be put forward to the AIB. If your AIB score put you in the running for selection, you could then be allocated a place at BRNC. Intakes at BRNC are in February, May, September and November; if there were a suitable intake amongst next year's and if you had fulfilled the other requirements listed, you could start at BRNC proabably next autumn.
  13. thank you ! i have already done my sift interview, medical, pre joining fitness and done my security clearance. Will be straight on the phone to afco tomorrow, thanks for the help.

    oh one more question. If i failed the AIB, do i still get to go back to waiting to be an able rate?

  14. ah, yes i meant the interview at afco not sift

    also, someone told me that as an officer you might have to work on a submarine even if thats not your branch,... im not sure this is true?
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  15. yeah my knowledge of the navy is very lacking ! after 10 minutes research just now i probably know twice as much as i did ... i wasn't originally intending to be an officer so never read anything more than i needed to but if i decide I want to be an officer I will put the time in , I will see if theres any useful books i much prefer reading a book to screwing my eyes up trying to read stuff online for hours and getting distracted constantly

    p.s can an officer in the navy be made to work in the submarine service ( i'm applying for meteorology)
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  16. If you make it as a Meteorologist, the chances of you serving on a submarine are the same as you getting the forecast work it out.
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  17. Don't blame the navy Meteorologists.. they probably just got their info from the bbc !
  18. You've obviously never met any of the Metoc peeps then.
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  19. Do they still use the Met officers as schoolies on board? (Stand fast ships with helo's)
  20. And boats - what's a Metoc?

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