How to gain weight to reach 60kg

Hello everyone. I've had my medical recently which I passed so I'll post back about my weight like I said I would for clarity just to help anyone in the future if they have a concern like mine. So the doctor took my height and weight and it put me at a bmi of 20. I weighed 56kg at the time but this is slightly lower for me because it was later in the day and all that. He said he was concerned about me being underweight at first but he said it was fine. He also took a waist measurement which I've heard is also taken for those that have a bmi in the overweight category. So I am uncertain if this is taken if there is a weight concern or just routine. So because I would have had to been more than a stone lighter to be underweight there isn't any concern. The only problem I could imagine would be if the bmi would be in the underweight category (obviously). Or if it was borderline around 18 or if the doctor had anyone concern about someone looking underweight and too skinny.

I hope this can help anyone with weight concerns.

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