How to deal with would be suicide Jumper

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Nutty, May 23, 2009.

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  1. This is how is should be done China shows the way!


  2. I remember reading about this poor lad not only was he coaxed to jump the phone cameras also recorded his death.

    A tormented teenager plunged 60ft to his death from a multi-storey car park after a callous crowd of onlookers cruelly urged him to jump.

    Police and community leaders yesterday condemned the “horrifying†behaviour of the jeering mob as Shaun Dykes, 17, hovered on the brink of suicide.

    Trained negotiators spent three hours patiently trying to coax him down as he threatened to leap.

    Meanwhile, several hundred people gathered outside the busy Westfield centre in Derby – with “a small but significant minority†egging him on.

    Sickeningly, some yelled: “Go on, jump,†and “How far can you bounce?â€

    Supt Andy Hough admitted he was shocked by some of the comments hurled at the teenager on Saturday.
  3. Yeah I remember that. Funny how the likes of Nutty are always going on about broken Britain/glad I left etc and then advocating giving would-be suicides a shove.

    Maybe Britain wouldn't be quite so broken if our elders had set a better example, eh Nutty? :wink:
  4. Yar but in Hong Kong when someone died in the street people were stepping over him because they were "too busy" to stop.

    And that's not a minority of chavs, that's everyday people going to their 9-5s!

    F'uck living in a place like that!
  5. Oh & china is also a place that builds Nuclear waste sites, then sets up Cities on top of them! lol, Guangzhou anyone.

    And in Shanghai it STINGS your eyes when it rains....beacuse the pollution is so bad.

    China is a shit hole (although a wonderful place to backpack, some parts are beautiful) but as for "leading the way" the country is a disgrace

    Our media pretty much has the whole country whipped up into a panic about "hoodies" but lets be honest, Britain is a pretty decent place to live.
  7. More chaps keeping up the good work in the Far East.

    Problem: SORTED


  8. Been to Honk a few times; matleot and civvie. Looked with awe at bamboo scaffolding up to 100 feet high. Every so often it collapses and kills about 20 workers. "Oh dear what a pity never mind, we'll get 20 more tomorrow and cary on."
  9. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :lol: :D
  10. This happens with what seems like monotonous regularity on the Forth Road Bridge.
    When some tosser gets naked and climbs one of the towers and threatens to throw himself off because he craves attention, and you're sat in mile upon mile of traffic trying to get home, because they've closed the bridge, you really wish the selfish twat would get on with it.
  11. The best way i find is really effective is for all watchers to start egging him on to jump, it then becomes a hive off activity and people all have fun, some people taking bets on weather he will or wont jump "JUMP YOU BASTARD AVE GOT £10 QUID ON YOU"" LOLOL !!! :twisted:
  12. Runcorn Bridge.

    Do we have a jumper No!

    We have a piss head sat with a bag of bottles throwing empties down below at anything that moves.

    Halton council health dept roof. Do we have a jumper Yes!!

    Give me coke or I will jump he cried.
  13. Lol I think it's pretty funny that someone pushed him off though.

    What wouldn't of surprised me is if the Mayor of Hong Kong had given 1000 hong kog dollars in coupons for getting rid of the traffic

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