"How To Command A Nuclear Submarine" - w/c 14/03 - Military History Channel

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by soleil, Mar 5, 2011.

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  2. Hmmm...

    How quickly things have changed since SDSR, at least for the RN.
  3. Several 10 min. clips of the previous BBC Perisher TV series (1985) here:

    YouTube - BBC Perisher Part 1

    (Should be interesting to compare some of the 'thens vs nows': ie 'twas £1m per student then, £2m now besides far fewer boats available for those who succeed......)

    BTW - The BBC credits listed a certain 'John Nettles' as the narrator, I wonder whatever happened to him?
  4. Awesome...
  5. Ironic given HMS Astute's recent headline activities! 8)

    I'll get my coat...

  6. Snigger!!!!:laughing8:
  7. First episode this evening.
  8. Saw it and although I know nowt about submarines, every so often you find an officer who seems very capable and one you steer clear of!
    This one knew the business it seems.Was he ex-lower deck or was that a newish tattoo!Unlikely for a 3 ringer I thought.Good for him
    Didn't like the Yank much also that one who seemed to panic a lot but it is a good series up to now.
    What's a Yank doing training on an old boat like ours when they have so much more modern submarines?got to be a good reason I suppose.
  9. Jim Perks was a writer.

    As for the Yanks, they have some newer boats than that T-boat, but they also have some older. Yanks training on our boats and Brits training on Yank boats is a long-established practice, and gives all concerned a broader experience.
  10. At school after the War we never were taught Trigonometry,instead we were taught that necessary boon to all kids education,Algebra!So!
    What was the formulae to work out the subs distance from a gun height of 40Ft? And how did he work out the ships speed from the same gun platform?
    I get working out the speed from two taken fixed points but the rest is a mystery.
    Notice the depth was in Metres,ships distance was in Feet and I heard Yards mentioned.We should go back to Fathoms and Cables!
    Bugger! I thought that instructor was a hardy old sea dog that had fought hurricanes lashed to the wheel,not that I'm putting down writers but I'm amazed a writer could be so good at doing this,in my day they did pay slips!
  11. I was taught the small angle approximation at school (for tangent) when I was 15 - some time after the war. I'm not sure how they were doing it, but from what they were saying I'd guess they were using the approximation.

    Angle (minutes) = (size * 3437) / distance

    So distance = (size * 3437) / angle

    So if you have an object 100ft tall, at 100' above the horizon, it's 3437ft away.

    There are other obvious shortcuts with 3.28ft = 1m, and so on.

    As for speed, they have to be taking two ranges to do that eyes only.
  12. Don't forget that he wasn't just a writer, but also a submariner. With the exception of the cookie-boys, the S&S have watchkeeping duties in addition to their day-today tasks. Their usual watchkeeping position is planesman, which means they spend a good deal of time in the control room, and receive exposure to the sharp end of ops. S&S Senior Rates often move up to Ship Control, and many coxn's are failed S&S.
  13. Lets see how many are on RR, standing by.....:-D
  14. was a very interesting series. i didn't watch past episode 4 but it was good none the less. HMS Ark Royal is also worth watching on discovery.
  15. It says five episodes but after series linking it I only got four,anyone else notice this? Seemed to end at the right time though ie passing!
  16. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Aye, Barney. My Sky+ said the same, it was deffo the end of the series.
  17. fishface

    fishface Badgeman Book Reviewer

    Has anyone recorded this? I really wanted to watch it but haven't got Military History. Can't find a torrent either.
  18. Will probably be on youtube soon.

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