how to book into hms nelson?

Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by hattyket, Oct 25, 2007.

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  1. I am an URNU student and i want to book into nelso on a saturday night to see some people in portsmouth, is this possible? when do i have to do it by? and how do i go about doing it?
  2. Your unit should be able to give you the number for the mess office, call them up and ask.

    Alternatively directory enquiries will be able to give you a number, although you might end up chasing around the houses a little to get the right person.
  3. I'm not sure but I don't think you can just bimble in and use the place like a hotel.
    I think you need an actual excuse for staying there, but it would be worth giving the hall porter/reception a ring to ask. They will be able to tell you and even book you in if possible :)
  4. Visiting Portsmouth for a meeting with x ships staff ;)
  5. I've stayed at Nelson before on a "social" visit. I was doing the Great South Run afew years ago and used Nelson as a place to stay. Explained the situation to my unit PSI and he was happy to book some accommodation there for me. :toilet:
  6. 023 9272 0120 for the FSL Service Desk which should then give you several options. Select as follows:

    Accom & Sports (option 2)
    Accommodation (option 1)
    HMS Nelson (option 2)
    Non-JR Accommodation (option 2)

    Ideally, do it as early as possible as there is a demand for accommodation in the area. They'll need your service number, rank and purpose of visit. You may have to pay increased charges for a non-duty visit.

    ps - as the number is available publicly, I'm not breaching any security policies.

    Edited to correct options and mongy grammer!
  7. As an amend to above - you're an Officer, book into Officer accom. I've done it loads to have nights out, visit friends etc. Mess Presidents would rather have the mess occupied than not - a use it or loose it ethos at work here. Enjoy!
  8. Some people here appear to be encouraging others to lie to get cheap B&B accommodation in Nelson. To anyone who has tried to book into Nelson recently you will know that accommodation is tight. Some officers joining Nelson for genuine duty reasons and not social or runs ashore have been turned away and accommodated in SULTAN or MWS. A good 40 mins journey from Sultan in the Morning. It may be ok on a Fri or Sat night, but dont make life difficult for those in Portsmouth for duty reasons.
  9. According to the accommodation office, as you are presumably an URNU midshipman, you will need to contact them and give them as much info as possible so they can get permission for you to use the Mess.

    It seems to hinge on the fact that you aren't yet commissioned - similar issue to BRNC Officer Cadets not being able to stay in Mess Accommodation.
  10. Me? URNU Mid? I was a Mid but never in an URNU and that was a fair while ago!
  11. Apologies for any misunderstanding - The reply was actually directed at hattyket. I'm presuming he is an URNU student, ie List 7 RNR.

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